Monday Morning Blues

I went back to work this morning. Well, I switched my phone on anyway and sat with a cuppa feeling thoroughly fed up thinking about it. I had to spend the day kneeling in front of two old boilers in a boiler house that’s basically outside. It was icy, the snotters are still dripping out of my nose, so I cancelled ’til later in the week. Sorry, health first, customers later.
I sat with a second cuppa and looked out at the fog. When you go to the hills, you know that fog is just a sham, it’s not really “weather” and you can work around it. As the morning wore on I realised there was a wee chance here that might be too good to miss. So I dressed, grabbed the camera and headed out.

That was a good plan. It’s not often you get a cloud inversion and a Brocken Spectre a few hundred metres from your front door on a Monday morning.
If this week ahead gets any better than this I will be very much surprised. It really shouldn’t have opened the gig with its best song.

I have a feeling when I see the photies below on a real computer screen (still on the Bontempi laptop here) they’ll be a psychedelic kaleidoscope of otherworldly colours. Especially that Brocken Spectre one.
Ach, I’ll sort it all later. Maybe.

Monday morning joy. The blue was the sky.

12 thoughts on “Monday Morning Blues”

  1. Now that’s the way to start a week! I doubt anyone can top that. My work week started at 07.30 trying to stop a three year old stuff Lego bricks up their nose…

  2. Man you always beat me to it !
    I never shoot video but this morning I did with mixed results.
    Good effort for fighting the blues and getting out

  3. Monday Morning Blues?!!

    Nah, that’s just jealousy-inducing…. Monday morning blues is heading back to the office after a terrific week along the Cleveland Way :(

    But :) for the memories of the week that was.

  4. Hey folks. I’m paying for my morning with hearty coughing at the moment.

    Lego in orifices is indeed a rude awakening!
    PTC B&B? Welcome to Scotland, you’ll have had your tea :o)
    Matt, good job!
    Phil, I hope you did your best BBC voice in the video. I await the results withy interest.

  5. very nice. My Monday was stuck in a bloody office talking about emergency planning. It involved an OS map though so I was counting contours and working out routes through the Pentlands.

  6. Brilliant, it really is amazing how different weather conditions can make the same place so different.

    I’m envious, ereyone seems to have got oot recently while I’ve been stuck in a cleanroom. Bah!

  7. Brilliant! You’d have no idea there is a city under there somewhere! I remember one night driving up to Elaina’s and on the way on the M74 it was clear and as it came down from the Southern Uplands towards Glasgow you could see the entire city was under a glowing mist or inversion in the valley, as i got closer we wnt under it around about Hamilton.

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