Mini Meet

Aye, my coupon says it all there. The wind was the blow you off your feet variety, the temperature plummeted and eveything froze. Poles and axes were glazed with ice, the webbing in the rucksacks went rigid, every wee fibre grew a bloom of ice. Fantastic.

We were on Ben Vorlich at Loch Earn. We had planned to continue onto Stuc a Chroin, but the weather was just too bad so it was out and back. However, our retreat was to the Tast Fry in Callander. A finer chippy you’d be hard to find, so with various suppers, cans of Irn Bru and some fine banter from the ladies of chips, the day was complete.

It’s nice to get weather you have to fight, that’s what all the gear is for. Besides look at the row of grins there, that’s me, Elaina and Steve.

Talking of gear, there was much newness in evidence. The Icebug Speeds crossed their first 900m contour, they supplied grip, comfort and warmth all day. I was carrying aluminium Kahtoolas which fit them very well, but the snow was somewhere else it seems, in the past mostly. We also carried some CAMP Corsa ice axes, all I can say is that they’re light and stay attached to your rucksack very well…

That orange wonder there is a Haglöfs Spitz. My favourite shell of all time was the Karrimor Summit of the 1990s. It had the best hood, great pockets, proper arm movement, a short length that didn’t get in the way. The Spitz just went into my memory, tore the Summit off my back, dragged it screaming to it’s car and threw it in the boot. It then drove to the top of the Rest and be Thankful where it jammed a brick against the accelerator and sent the car and it’s passenger tumbling down the hillside in a cartwheel of twisted metal, broken glass, Gore Tex and sugar sachets from the wee dookit between the seats, stolen from cafes nationwide.

The Spitz has the short cut, with a slimmer body which eliminates riding up, better arm movement and the best hood I’ve ever used on any jacket. It has big pockets, pitzips, big cuffs with room for warm glovevs, it’s lightweight, it’s orange. I absolutely love it.

Oh, and those things I’m leaning on? Later…

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  1. Hehe,the weather looks a little grim up there…but hey,thats just the way we like it eh?
    Managed to get out a few times over the last couple of days,things up until yesterday were still a bit damp and claggy underfoot,but the weather is changing…temperatures have dropped a few degrees,wind has increased slightly and theres even the promise of snow tonight(although still none on the tops of the southern beacons yet).
    Back into work tonight for the nightshift,then no work till monday.Plan is to be on the hill by about 8ish tomorrow morning to give the new merrell thermo’s a proper tryout.First impressions are good,nice and lightweight,very comfortable fit and a great vibram sole with plenty of grip.How they will cope on the hill in real weather remains to be seen,but so far am happy with them.
    Hey,those poles you’re using look interestingly spindly,what are they?
    oh yeah…happy new year to all!

  2. “Oh, and those things I’m leaning on? Later…”

    No, no, now, noooow!! :)

    They look somewhat like LifeLink carbon fibre poles? Perhaps…?

  3. Happy New Year indeed !

    I think the Merrels will be spot on. Although it’s kinda snowless, it’s still cold and damp and I liked the warmth of the Icebugs very much. Maybe that’s the way we’ll have to go with these winters we’re having, warm boots that aren’t B3 stiff.
    Talking of the promise of snow, I’ve just been on a callout to Cumbernauld and there’s couple of inches lying, snowmen, kids in balaclavas and wooly mittens. It was still falling when I left. F.A. here.

    The poles you all say? I can’t say for the moment… runs for cover

    Stormtrooper gloves :o)

  4. Aye, excellent day despite the weather. And the chippy was certainly entertaining ;-) Good one to know about for the future :-)

    No snow in Ayrshire either, but that’s nothing new! Arran I suspect might have a covering in the morning though.

    I’ll not mention the poles ;-)

  5. I mentioned the poles once, but I think I got away with it.

    Will you stop talking about the poles!
    You started it..
    No we didn’t!
    Yes you did, you invaded Poleland.


  6. Don’t worry about the stormtroopers – they look great after a couple of seasons!

    Life Link eh? New importer? Used to carry them and tried to get them when Mountain Works stopped bringing them in. From what I remember their export girl had never left the States. Bloody yanks etc etc!

  7. Proshell is definitely better than XCR, but not as good as eVent. In the same conditions I’ve had XCR slimy on the innner surface with a residue you can see on your fingers if you wipe it. eVent feels like it’s been wet a minute ago and has dried a bit (it’s not perfect whatever anybody says) and Proshell is maybe like it’s just come out of a fast spin cycle. It’s a bit clammy to the touch but the new inner scrim is holding onto the moisture,so I stayed dry.
    Unscientific I know.

    While I’d probably rather wear eVent, the performace gap isn’t enough for me to leave the Spitz at home and wear something else if it’s going to be wild weather. I’d rather have the features and fit.

    …it’s not Life Link folks….

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