12 thoughts on “Merry Christmas”

  1. You too Pete, thanks for all the advice and wisdom AND the sledge pic, ;)


    ps she’d be alright in powerstretch leggings, i’ve no doubt

  2. Bet those boots are Gore-Tex. Have a wonderful time and thanks for a great year of evocative, breathtaking imagery, thrilling and emotive trekking and detailed, comprehensive gear reviews. In short – the perfect blog. Enjoy 2011, Mr M, and thanks for getting me into lightweight back on LFTO some years ago.

  3. I think I saw her walking around Carlisle the other night, wearing almost as many clothes!

    Anyway, merry Christmas to you and your family.

  4. Bless you good people. I hope Christmas was a joy and the New Year is Joy+1!

    Del, Clydebank? Not me, I was close by in the health centre getting x-rayed though.
    Oh that can all wait ’til the new year.

  5. Oh dear, hopefully just precautionary. I had a lucky escape the other day when I decided I needed a fix of mountain biking and chose the ‘safe’ option of the Pollok Park trails, and ended up coming a cropper on some ice. Nothing more than a cut and couple of bruises for me though.

  6. Bikes and ice, always a tricky one. When that front tyre snaps away it’s not coming back :o)

    X-ray was the knee, had enough!

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