Maybe there’s a shark?

It’s going to be Kilpatricks  for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the 900m contour exists only on the horizon for the next wee while. The 600m contour as well I suppose.
First up tonight was a long overdue bike trip with familiar faces Ange and Bobinson. We sweated up the usual route from Old Kilpatrick under the evening sun but I took us a detour which led east along trails which have grassed over since winter, and it was harder work than I expected. I felt a little guilty as we pushed through the bracken more than we rode, but after a rest stop at the trig point on The Slacks we were back in the saddle for some magic, fast and fun singletrack which swooped and swung its way back to the usual route. Having missed out the steep bit by adding much more distance and ascent…
The new forest trail is looking a little greener, next year it will be better still. The surface has bedded in and it’s a lot of fun and fast too. In fact, the whole route is bone dry, grippy and a joy to ride.
After slinking through the dark forest in sunglasses we arrived at the top of the run down to Overtoun House to see Ben Lomond, the Arrochar Alps and the Luss hills in shades of blue under a warm aqua sky. Cloud had been poured over Ben Vorlich like whipped cream and from one end to the other it was a vista of pure delight.
We all rode fast down to Overtoun, giggly fast, the dirt feeling secure and the rush of air cooling our bare arms and legs and sweeping the sweat from our eyebrows. We all got caught out at the same point though, the back end stepping out at a greasy spot at the burn. No face plants though, even with Ange’s sore wrist. Always a bonus.
Another change in route took us down to Garshake and then to the cycle path on the old Caledonian Railway bed, and a detour to the Clyde foreshore saw us wandering through rushes six feet high to the water’s edge as the sun sank and orange bled into all the other colours on the land.
The blue of the sky clung on, but as we had cuppas and cake at the BP garage while attempting to avoid a ravaging by midges, it too lit up in gold and pink. The longest day gives nature lots of time to practise its chops.

5 thoughts on “Maybe there’s a shark?”

  1. That was quick!
    Thanks for inviting me out again. Was a good night, even your detour!
    I stopped three times on the way home to get photos of the midsummer sky’s lightshow. Magic night indeed!

  2. That last pick is a cracker !
    Wished my camera was in the car as I crossed the bridge on the way home as the sky line was amazing !
    Cheers buddy

  3. Aye, my phone was lying in my folk’s kitchen.

    It’s like a new world up there, this has been the longest gap I’ve had between Kilpatricks trips and it was very much greener than I expected and very dry too, even the usually boggy bits were bone dry. That’s just plain weird.

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