The view from the cafe in Drumkinnon Tower really is rather fine. Holly was quite safe by the way, she’s trying to see the otters on the ground floor enclosure for free.
We were there for some last minute research, I was researching the farmer’s market for venison burgers while collaring a poor passing Visit Scotland rep to complain about the lack of camping available for backpackers in Balloch. I’ll come back to that later, I was putting together some local info and I’m amazed at how little info there was to put together.

The heat’s brutal, I’m happy I’ve been all engineery of late, wouldn’t climb a hill in this if you carried me up it in a bath of ice borne by a dozen minimally attired exotic maidens. See the Trail mag that’s out next week for why.

It’s been good having a full squad on site recently. Working on Joycee’s projects then having my regular crew on maintenance has been good for the soul, I’ve missed the banter and the laughter. Working solo and laughing out loud just looks all wrong when someone sees you.

Orange tictacs!

I can’t believe the news media takes Twitter so seriously. “It was trending on twitter” they say. So bloody what. If Kenneth Kendall has come onto the telly in the 70’s and added at the end of a report that “Some folk in the pub also said that…” we’d have laughed and then complained to the BBC.
What’s the difference?

I have managed more rangering at the Lang Craigs, working local means a few hours at night are easy to do around the site. Getting there with the tree identification and animal spotting, but I’m on the ground and running with tutting at damaged fencing and swinging a hammer. Been interesting talking to visitors too. people are okay you know.

I’ve often been asked what my favourite fabric is, and that’s an easy one to answer: denim. Jeans were 140 years old earlier this year, Levi’s did indeed do it first.
Denim in some ways isn’t what it used to be, one good comment I read was “back in the days when folk didn’t worry too much about their denim and just wore it”.
Most jeans these days are heavily processed, sometimes to the point where the jeans look like they’re wearing the purchaser, but it’s fun too, the lived-in look from day one without the months of wearing and not washing. You want good fades? Don’t wash your jeans, and there’s a whole geek dimension to that as well, folk keeping their jeans in the freezer to kill the bacteria rather that wash them and the like. That’s raw denim they’re wearing though, never ever washed and shrunk during manufacture. It’s a labour of love wearing them in because you have to buy them a size up and then get to work with the breaking-in. Done it, takes many months. Never again. Probably.
There’s a great site here, Denimhunters, with links to many more where the eagle eye will find well worn vintage jeans that are used as exact templates for the fades and washes of the new styles from the likes of Diesel. I kinda like that, there’s nothing ever completely new.

Anyway, onwards.



12 thoughts on “Matilda”

  1. Glad to see you’ve been out and about – a mixed, but very entertaining bag!
    Pleased to hear that No. 1 daughter was in no peril ;-)
    Lets just hope the weather lasts until the weekend for my climbing trip to Snowdonia…

  2. I’m afraid that I am old enough to remember having to ‘break in’ denim, which had the ‘drape’ of cardboard when newly purchased, and which ‘woofed’ when you walked.

    Also from a corner of Scotland where the ‘youth’ uniform of choice was Wrangler Jacket, Wrangler Jeans and adidas trainers. Levi’s were for ****s*

    [* inset pejorative term of choice]

  3. What exactly is “brutal heat” up there in Scotland?
    Ran from Tel Aviv (31°C, 65% humidity)

    PS Love your blog

  4. @rc, I don’t know about Scotland, but this weekend in the lakes it’s been reaching 35C according to my car thermometer.

    Personally, I love it when you get onto a ridge if you can get a bit of a breeze cooling you down. But the climb up is bloody hard going.

  5. Arthur,
    Wow, 35C… I guess I’ve been misinformed about the British climate. Take it easy with those climbs.

  6. More-On, hope all was well and dehydration free?!

    David, I am once again the bearer of W embroidered pockets on my jacket. It’s like coming home.

    rc, thank you, hopefully I’ll be able to get more content up soon as things are getting back to normal. Knoydart and Skye coming up shortly.

    Like Arthur says, temperatures can creep up, had 34C up north once. I wasn’t happy.

  7. Three cracking days out in Snowdonia and I didn’t even fall off! It was rather ‘warm’ though – hour long walk-ins with fully trad climbing kit did see me needing a sit down in the shade on occasion…
    Also managed a day climbing in the shade and overlooking an abbey by the River Wye yesterday.
    All in all a rather good few days!
    Looks like you have some fun to come too…

  8. Good job!

    Aye, plenty stuff coming up, just need to get back into the notion of blogging about it.

    But college next week first…

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