When I was in Kintail a few weeks back with Tim & Co, I was impressed by some of the kit he was using. He’d picked out some of Marmot’s lightweight kit at their UK HQ on the way up to fit in with the theme of the trip and it caused me to raise an eyebrow. FastForward and just arrived are few samples of test kit.
Unfortunately the Eos 1P tent that Tim used (seen in the photie below) wasn’t available, but it’s in the same area as the MSR Hubba HP and the Big Agnes Copper Spur UL1 and it’s definitely worth a look. Small packing, light, roomy and quick pitching.
What we have here is their Nano Jacket, Atom Down Bag, PowerStretch Half Zip and Powerstretch Gloves. It’s nice kit, with a bunch of surprising features, and all nicely light.
I’ve used plenty Marmot kit over the years, clothing, sleeping bags and gloves. It’s always worked well for me and it’s nice to get an update because it’actually all very different kit indeed. The styling of the clothing is much sharper than in the past, the gloves still have the same outstanding fit, and the down bag, which is Marmot’s heritage, also has the freshness of design that seems to run through the whole range.

I’m heading out with this stuff shortly, first looks imminent.

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  1. I have the EOS 2P, which in retrospect, wasn’t the brightest purchase, since it’s too small for 2 (given that I’m a big lumbering giant), too heavy for solo backpacking and too small for car camping. Doh. Lovely tent though. Gonna have to replace it with the Hubba HP, I think.

  2. They do good kit. I had an Atom. It was OK but the stitch through baffles can lead to cold spots and I did find it cold compared to my replacement Rab Q250. Their tents do look like they are up to the UK weather. Get out in some bad weather and let us know PTC. Make it real bad weather :)

  3. I got a pair of Marmot gloves a few weeks ago, waterproof with liners that remove to leave a shell, nice gloves. I was looking at the Marmot Essence jacket too, I like the weight, 200g and price £90.

    Is that a Seedhouse looking a bit sorry for itself?

  4. bobinson, you should know better that to disrespect the bunnet.

    Martin, I do try to find bad weather for tents, but it often eludes me!
    I’ve thought about the cold spots, and I might dig out a silk liner to use with it, or at least carry for the first couple of trips. I know bobinson’s used the BigAgnes PitchPine plenty and been okay with the stitch-through baffles, so I’ll see. I can get the PHD Minim Ultra inside as well…

    R MacE, Marmot gloves have always been great, I must have half a dozen different types, and the fit is always outstanding. The alpine-style Work Gloves have been a winter favourite for years.

    The tent is a nearly-pitched Eos 1P. Tim was figuring it out as he went, it was just out of the wrapper!

  5. So, do you just ring up Marmot and say ‘hey, I wanna test your stuff’, and they send it to you? I think all these gear manufacturers need a female perspective on things… ;-)

    I bought some Marmot powerstretch gloves last Autumn (women’s design) – they are loverly.

  6. It doesn’t quite work like that Kate…

    But, I do know that manufacturers do lack female testing input.

    I had the jacket out and about today to climb the hazardous route to the Tiso cafe, where various regular personnel were assembled for snacks and banter.

  7. I recall you commented on a cold night in the Lakes trip I did. -7 odd and ice inside the tent. I used the Atom and a PHD minimus jacket and slept warm. The Atom puzzles me as the next bag up in the range does not weigh a lot more but has boxed wall baffles I think? It also weighed more than Marmot claim. had it 60grames more I think. I found my RAB Q250 is more than they claim. Not a lot but you know the score in the weight game. Annoyed is a understatement. On bad weather…you live a charmed life :)

  8. Weights are a minefield. In the sleeping bags test I did for the mag, some of the weights were up to 400g out!
    I had the Atom out at lunch today and we were all squeezing it, the weight must be from the down, there’s nothing else there but the zip.I’ll get in the Pod eVent compression sack and see what happens there.

    It’s partly being so close to the hills that gives me the illusion of a permanent patch of good weather Martin, I’ll look at the forecast and think, ah Thursday… Still not foolproof though!

  9. It was good today !
    Felt like we achieved something ! not sure what but kit banter a plenty, squeeze, try ,zip etc
    Share share and swap banter all round good times

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