Magical Mystery Tour

If you’ve been watching the news, which we were doing accidentally because Richard Branson screwed up our telly once again leaving us with just socialist TV and no cartoons to watch, that is five channels plus BBC 3&4, you’ll have seen the endless horrors currently unfolding around the world.

It’s no wonder that this news item seems to have slipped under the radar. As down south’s coast takes a pounding unearthing ancient footsteps and fossil forests up here the snows have brought to light their own ancient mysteries.
Below in an undisclosed location in the north west is the site of the slaying of the last real live Highland Tattie-bogle. As you can see it suffered horribly at the hands of the terrified clansmen of the day, its tumshie heid knocked off and its arms dragged off so they could no longer grasp at unsuspecting passers by.

The loss of the wolf and the bear from the Highlands are what people lament and you never hear of Tattie-bogles (other than Jon Pertwee’s historically inaccurate depiction in Worzel Gummidge), Fear Dubhs or any of the sea dwelling cousins such as the Skelpie. These were a great part of our natural heritage and are almost unknown today. But not entirely unseen, but I’ll come back to that.

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