Made in Scotland from Girders. And Napalm.

The concept of  “limited edition” food or drink is an odd one as it’s not the most collectable of items from a practical point of view, while the packaging might amuse in times to come the contents are kinda the whole point to it and have a big scary number attached to the them, Best Before…
So, enjoy while you can I say, and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing with the limited edition Fiery Irn Bru’s. Imagine the rawest tasting ginger beer, made in a bucket in a garden shed style, sprinkle some Irn Bru in it and there we have it. Makes me cough and grin in equal amounts. Genius.

3 thoughts on “Made in Scotland from Girders. And Napalm.”

  1. …and wordpress truncated the rest of my message! Pah.

    I was wonderin if the likes of Morrisons will stock it down here, but it’s a bit of a long shot :(

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