Lyon’s Coffee Bag Giveaway

After the recent camp cuppa post I was talking to Lyon’s and it turns out that it’s not all best china crockery, after dinner mint accompaniment and cravat wearing in their vision for their products. In fact , it turns their outdoor credentials are beyond reproach.

Pictured left with a box of coffee bags on Baffin Island is Ed Bacon, their Operations Director and part-time arctic guide.

Ed’s as convinced as me that the coffee bags are outdoor cuppa wondertronic and Lyon’s sent me some to give away to spread a bit of Original Blend joy.

I’m afraid that the coffee bags are now all gone, thanks for the comments and the emails folks.
Happy cuppas upon us all!

38 thoughts on “Lyon’s Coffee Bag Giveaway”

  1. It would seem a bit tight to claim a couple of bags ‘to try, for free’ when I already know the score and have been using them for a good few years :)

    But…. ;)

  2. After you waxed lyrical on here the other day about them I bought a box to try and I don’t even normally bother with coffee on the hill!!

    Woe betide you if they come up wanting as I’m a home espresso enthusiast and I now have 18 of the things :-)

  3. Forget about coffee for a mo (I get me Lyons bags from the supermarket…): I’m really getting impatient with my 12-year old pair of Manta boots. Won’t to try something lighter, now that they’re up for retirement. As discussed previously, the Growlers are not available in the UK and it doesn’t seem likely they’ll become so in the near future. I’ve found the Keen Summity County. They’re about 600g per pair and the reviews that I could find seem generally positive. Have you heard anything at all about them? I know you’ll be testing the Haglofs Grym soon enough and they weight just about the same. They look stiffer than the Keen, but perhaps they’re more grippy. Dunno. I’m after something for winterbackpacking, and snowshoeing but with the occasional use on steeper stuff with crampons, and waterproof enough to keep you dry through a day in the slushy stuff. And if it makes coffee in the morning, so much the better. Boots are the last heavy weight thing in my kit, mostly because I don’t like wet feet and so in the summer I still stick with boots rather than the iNov stuff. Any hints from Your Royal Kitness much appreciated.

  4. Uh, thanks for the head up, bobinson! Any idea about the timescale? I can hang on a little more if it’s a question of weeks… And indeed, what happened to them (F&L)??

  5. Given these comments and emails that have come in, I’ll need to go and count how many coffee bags I’ve got…

    Right, any addresses that I had for folk above were lost when the old computer died, so gonnae send me your postal address through the contact form.

    Andy, those Summit County’s look like a good general boot, but with that ankle height I wonder above snow-shoeing?
    Hard to say with having a squeeze at one. I’ve use the Oregon PCT’s a lot which are a bit lower and they work with snow-shoes and Kahtoolas, and they might be in the UK as well? Worth trying on as a comparison if nothing else?

    The Gryms have been worn, and are still quite stiff all-round. More on them in a bit.

  6. I used to drink Lyons coffee bags back when I lived in the Shire. Haven’t seen any over here amongst the reindeer sausage and fish cakes :-(

  7. I have a Montane North Star trying it’s luck with the Norwegian Post Office assault course as we speak. If it arrives then we should be able to expect the coffee bags to make it ;-)

  8. I’ve just come down from the loft clutching several sachets of J*** J***e so that’s a couple of days worth of caffiene right there. Feel free to pass my winnings on to anybody who’s missed out. I’ll add a box on to my Tesco online shop :o)

  9. Seeing as I’ve just purchased 18 of the things on the recommendation of this blog – they’d best be good haha!

  10. wishartw, there’s probably enough here, I’ll get you sorted oot.

    Kev, hush now, the bags are yours too.

    I’m away for a couple of days, I’ll get everyone’s addresses sorted out on Wednesday or Thursday.


  11. So, this coffee then. Is it a case of:

    a) you drank it all?
    b) you forgot?
    c) the beans are still in transit thru’ the digestive tract of a small indonesian ferret?
    d) coffee break at the sorting office was particularly nice?


  12. e) Sitting here with half the envelopes devoid of addresses.
    However, they’re going out on Monday (or Tuesday if I’m in a tent on Sunday night, which is looking likely) with the Wallaby wristbands.
    The unclaimed ones are mine :o)

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