Above we have my new Panasonic Lumix LX5 as seen by my old LX3, and below the roles are reversed. Both shots were taken within 30 seconds at the same positions on the IA setting and are downsized but unedited. Interestingly different aren’t they, but neither got the fleece blanket colour anywhere near right.

Setting the LX5 up was easy enough, I think partly because it feels familiar and partly because there is less faff there maybe? It looks to be up to date with 2.0 firmware already in there and with some relief I’ve found all the settings, or should that be the only settings I regularly use in the Scene menu.
It does look easier to delve into the manual stuff and there’s a little thumbwheel that when pressed and rotated does something that I don’t understand. Cool.

The simpler external layout and controls look nicely usable and the chunkier and more prominent mode dial is a good call, even the old-school lens cap is a better version.
It took a shite photie below, but I’m sure there’s better times ahead. Depending on the weather.


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  1. Yes the differences are very interesting. It looks like the colour balance isn’t right in the lower one.

    There seems to be something of a tendency towards more saturated colours in newer cameras it seems to me. The iPhone’s terrible for it. Surprisingly good camera for a phone – but almost always far too saturated.

  2. The LX3 was always a bit rubbish indoors under artificial light, looks like the LX5 is the same.

    Ach, time will tell, give me some snow, some red clouds and a grining man on a mountain and I’ll know more :o)

  3. Yes, sure its just the ‘newness’ factor but the LX3 pic is better. I’m sure the new one will be the business once yet get used to it. I got a wee Lumix FS35 pocket camera this year and its excellent

  4. I think I’ll have to read the manual on the LX5, there’s a bunch of colour filters on it. It’s definitely asking more of the user. Bugger.

  5. I’ve just got an Olympus XZ-1 as a lightweight compact when I don’t want to carry my slrs or micro four thirds camera.It is similar to the LX-5 and I think uses the same sensor.
    If you want to get the colours right in artifical lighting go to the custom white balance setting and take a photo of a sheet of white paper. The camera will then adjust the colour temperature to match. It won’t guarantee perfect results as some artificial lighting fluctuates its colour temperature but it will be a lot more accurate than relying on the auto white balance or presets.

  6. Aye, I’m finding this very stuff as I play with it. The white balance thing makes a huge difference, I was sitting messing with it all last night much to the girl’s dismay.
    I really need to get it outdoors.

  7. Why did you get a new camera?

    My LX3 was nicked, so I bought a Cannon S95. It really isn’t anywhere near as good as the LX3 and I now wish I’d bought the LX5 instead. Nevermind.

    I’m sure you’ll work out the LX5 settings soon enough.

  8. Hi Pete,

    We’ve a baby on the way (April) and this and my birthday (the same day if you can believe the sonographer’s workings) prompted my to search for a new camera. My old Olympus doesn’t cut it an takes an age between shots, so I’ll like as not miss important shots. I did have a nice Pentax but gave it away, and it had teeny tiny controls tbh, so…

    Via Canon Ixus 220/230 hs’s and Lumix TZ8s and 18s I ended up at a Lumix LX5, and, by way of balance, the Canon Powershot S95 & S100. I suspect my uses are similar to yours – family shots and landscapes – and so I wondered what prompted your choice of your original LX3 and then the LX5? I might have just got the TZ18 until I tried a LX5 and it seemed to latch on to focus in tricky situations laser fast and to be able to take shits quickly with no real lag – essential for baby shots!

    I factored in the Canons because they are often compared, are also well received by the press and users and have a better zoom and are smaller to fit in a pocket. I haven’t been able to see the Canons in the flesh but I did find that the Lumix menus were easier to fathom for me than the Ixus ones, but I guess you get used to whatever. How have you found your LX5 for all round use? Is it your everyday camera, too?

    I value your opinions to back up my research and thoughts (a wardrobe of well used Montane and Rab attest to that) so any help you can give would be good. I suspect I’ll enjoy any and will marvel at how compacts have improved but I hate that ‘what if?’ feeling after you’ve bought the next-to-best something or other.

    I’d also have more brain power left to decide only the missus and I are pram/travel system buying. Now that IS tough!!!



  9. Congratulations! Best thing in the world :o)

    When I got the LX3 it was due to a few online folk having said that it was easy to use, which I need as I know nothing about cameras and also finding shots on Flickr that folk had taken with it.
    On the first hill trip with it I knew I had made the right choice and the LX3 spent its life going between the mountains and Holly as she grew ever bigger.
    When the LX3 broke I never hesitated in getting the LX5, I knew some folk had misgivings about the updates but I was sure I could work around them and I’ve no problems with it.
    It’s the only camera I have, every shot on here or on Flickr has been done with it since I bought it (except the Extremities gloves which were on my phone!). In the last week it’s done sunsets near to home, Holly blowing out candles on cake and a mountain trip partly in wind blown snow, where incidentally there were other LX’s and yet more Lumix in the group.

    I totally understand your dilemma, I had the exact same before I got the LX3, it took me ages to finally decide.
    I’m happy with my LX5, the menus are easy and the shots are mostly good just using all the presets.

    Any of the cameras you mention would be fine, all good names with good reviews and ones I’ve looked at too.
    My experience of cameras is really limited, but I’m happy enough with my LX5. It’s one of my best pals in fact!

  10. Hi Pete,

    Cheers! Not long now and still so much to do!!!

    I went with the LX5 and while I have done not much more than a few indoor snaps I am really impressed. It’s quality :)

    I think I may need to adjust the white balance as it made my missus’s hair ginger (which she insists it is not) but I’ll consult the book I’ve got for that. Once that’s done it’s all set for the baby’s arrival hopefully and a long line of child and landscape photos plus some low light and effects photos when (if) I get time.

    Thanks again.


  11. The white balance was something I had to play with, there’s a quick-menu setting change for it which is handy.
    Another things is to check the firmware in the settings menu, 2.0 seems to be the latest version which has extra white balance tweaks.

    Good luck with the new arrival. Ours seems like yesterday and now we’re getting reday for school…

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