Looking the other way

Looks like I timed my Kintail trip just right, as a week later LAMM competitors were running around the same tracks that I was trying to look all dramatic and windswept on. Good choice of location, and there would have been some tired legs at the event campsite with the amount of ascent and descent.
That wee wildcamp has kept me well-fed since I got back, there’s been clear skies, golden sunsets and even a full moon, but none of it has pulled me back up the tops (until tomorrow anyway). It’s odd that, we never got close to completing the original mission, but somehow everything about it hit the spot.
Jings, I wish I could bottle whatever magic vapours were in the breeze over that lochan.

7 thoughts on “Looking the other way”

  1. I was up Maol Chean-Dearg yesterday and it was a sunny, clear day almost everywhere (great views), apart from Ceathreamhnan, Carn Eighe and Mam Sodhail which were being ‘skited’ by heavy, wintry showers.

    I did wonder if you were trying again…!!

  2. I’m still going back, it’s like seeing the teaser trailer, them the long trailer and next I’m going to see the whole movie :o)

    I see there’s more skiting forecast for tomorrow night…

  3. That little lochan was where I planned to spend my first night on last months TGO Challenge before heading East along the ridge then down to Athnamullach. The storms put paid to that option, but it looked the obvious place for an overnighter with plenty of water and I was glad to see that you really enjoyed the location.

  4. If I get on the Challenge next year (and if not)I will be going over the hills there. Something magic abut the hills up there. Magic wildcamp spot you picked. That will linger long in the memory I think.

  5. It’s a lovely spot, and I think I have to and get in a tent again to burst the bubble!
    I love it in there, it’s beautiful, and not just the hills, it’s the glens, the water, the atmosphere of it.

    I’ve just submitted my copy for the Trail feature based around the trip as well, so it’s nice for new stuff!

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