Looking over my shoulder

I was doing a bit of digging for some photies for something and my piss poor folder labelling means opening a lot of stuff to see what’s in it and once again I found a folder from a few years ago which stops me in the metaphorical tracks every time I find it.
It was a perfect morning after a perfect day, freezing cold but the sun was soon warm on my cheeks. I was packed light and I was quick on my feet, I was well fed and rested at camp and it wasn’t so long ago but it feels like a lifetime. I’ve had other hills days since, maybe ever better ones, but this trip will always be a moment in time where everything was right and nothing was wrong and it lives with me still.
So, I’m posting it again. If blogs aren’t about what you’re thinking and feeling then what are they for?

Backup Disc 5 225 Backup Disc 5 227 Backup Disc 5 231

4 thoughts on “Looking over my shoulder”

  1. Jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    On my list of stuff, a proper inversion. Don’t know why, but they just look magical.

  2. It’s the kind of conditions you never get tired of. Haven’t had a mountain inversion in nearly a year I think. Hmmph.

    Arthur, I’ve thought about that, photobucket’s going backwards in usability. My worst enemty is my hard drive, it’s all on there but the names are as relevant as the ones on my blog posts.

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