Loki Madness

I’ve got a wee exclusive shot of a new bit of Loki wackiness that’s not in the shops until 2011.
It’s basically an update of their Levity Alpinist Shell, their top-end mountain jacket in eVent fabric. It has the usual built-in fleece face guard and fold-away mitts in the cuffs, but it also has a pocket in the back that the whole jacket folds into. Not unusual to have a fold-away pocket on a jacket, but this has wee shoulder straps (even with a chest strap) and a mesh pocket to make a rucksack of sorts.
I’ve seen similar left fieldism before, on Karrimor jackets designed for the Japanese market, where the big pocket in the back had inserts designed for it to curry luggage and spare clothes…
The jacket itself is more snow-sports than pure mountain use with the softer hood peak and low pocket placements. But the eVent fabric is the best out there, the cut is good and it’s very wearable too.
It’s great to see a brand that just don’t give a shit what everybody else are doing and just get on with their own jazz street dancing.

6 thoughts on “Loki Madness”

  1. It’s funny as see when I was in Nepal, they sold loads of fake gear.. Everest Hardwear (Mountain Hardwear) and loads of fake North Face gear with north face logo etc on it but the name for the fake Leki poles was Loki. True. They had hunners of stuff.

  2. It looks good with a few innovations. I like the idea of the mitts as long as they don’t feel wierd when your not wearing them and the rucsac bit is very radical. If it doesn’t affect your sales why follow the masses eh.

  3. There’s a Loki Primaloft hoody with the mitts which I’ll try and get on test, I think that’s where the concept will work even better,
    Quirky is good!

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