Logan’s Run

Finally out on a format that folk who got their DVD player free with their house insurance can watch.
I’m almost scared to watch it in case it’s mince. But I feel that my memory of this and the TV series is solid and there will be much multicoloured joy with Sandmen shooting at it.

Michael York does a commentary on it which is interesting and very welcome. A lot of actors are snobby about their past work, especially “genre” films. Ian Holm would rather eat gravel and woodchip chutney than positively aknowledge his role in Alien.
For musicians it’s different, that have to play the old songs every night. Actors just cash the royalty cheques and think “When did I do this?”.

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  1. ***Geek Alert***
    Recently watched Colossus:The Forbin Project with my fingers crossed that my memory of the film wasn’t rose tinted.Luckily a good story is always a good story no matter how dated the fashions or special effects are.
    Logan’s Run is always worth another viewing.

  2. Aye, quality is on the inside of a film and doesn’t wear off with the passage of time.
    “Blockbusters” normally have an expiry date.

    I saw The Long Memory with John Mills the other day, a B&W thriller and the budget must have been scraped together from loose change. The whole thing hangs on pure performance and great use of wonderfully atmospheric locations. A wee classic.

  3. “I saw The Long Memory with John Mills the other day…”

    I had to read that thrice before it made sense, seeing as he passed away a few years ago. A great man, sadly missed.

    Anyways, I’m still waiting for the classic “1941” to be released on Region 2 DVD. The urge to download a dodgy copy and burn one for myself gets ever stronger.

  4. Talking of old movies – I’m looking forward to my DVD copy of The Heroes Of Telemark arriving…

    But what I’d really like to find is the original Norwegian version that actually had three of the four guys playing themselves: Kampen om tungtvannet (aka Operation Swallow: The Battle For Heavy Water) but I’ve never turned it up in any searches :(

  5. Ray Mears did some good stuff on it, I’m sure he had some footage of the original film in there.
    Those guys were tough. Really tough, not the “tough for camera and sponsors” tough we have these days.

    I do like the Kirk Douglas movie…heads to Amazon…

  6. They were – tough beyond what you’d even consider was possible.

    But yeah we watched The Heroes Of Telemark and found it had a couple of horribly Hollwyood modifications to the story-line: Playboy scientist hero? Come on! Norwegian traitor?? No!!

    But it was fun. And reminded me what an awe inspiring story it really was.

    And LB found the original one is kind of available. Except maybe only via Scandinavian educational libraries and definitely only on video (which we don’t have). But… her mum has access to both… :)

  7. Oh and it probably doesn’t have English sub-titles… so I’ll have to get LB to brush up her Norwegian and use the pause button a lot! :)

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