Loch Lomond TV

Totally forgot about this. I did some filming for BBC Learning last year about the Loch Lomond camping stuff and it was on the telly on Monday. Missed it, haven’t seen it, don’t know what it’s like. If it comes up on iPlayer I’ll post a link , or I might set the video for 0500 tomorrrow for the repeat. Goes to look for a blank tape…

3 thoughts on “Loch Lomond TV”

  1. Och you’ll have met Jonathan then? He’s my father-in-law’s fiance’s brother. How’s that for a tenuous link?

    Nice fella though.

    I would get up at 0500 to see you on the box but I’ve got an appointment with some very important unconsciousness.

  2. Here, it’s a great wee programme, full of info from the archives and lots of different contributors.
    I look as tired as I felt in it.

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