Loch Lomond Park Camping Ban, further developments: BBC Radio Scotland, Monday 0830.

The Loch Lomond camping ban has been in place for a few months now and there are plans brewing at The Park HQ.

I’ll speak more about it later tomorrow, but the news will be broken tomorrow morning on BBC Radio Scotland’s Good Morning Scotland around 0830, I’ll be doing an interview regarding the proposals.

After my recent experiences I’ve got a fresh perspective and I think this is a very important issue.

9 thoughts on “Loch Lomond Park Camping Ban, further developments: BBC Radio Scotland, Monday 0830.”

  1. Oh, sod it! Heard the piece being introduced, but was rushing out with the dog. Will need to give it a listen when get to work. Interesting subject. I can see where they’re coming from but also applaud your stance! Have they asked you to do anything for the telly tonight? (Btw. could pic above become ‘exhibit A’?)

  2. It sounds to me from what was said that a whole swathe of camping bans is about to be introduced.

    Typical of the BBC though; ten minutes about the woes of football in Scotland and two minutes on the a camping ban that may be coming in with just one sentence allowed to a dissenting voice – and even then introduced with a loaded question so you had no time to give a balanced look at the problems associated with a camping ban. The chap from the park gave the smug impression that things were getting a whole load better whereas in fact the neds are still there making a mess and responsible wild campers are being moved on.

    What is it with the Beeb? Why are they so worried about finding out about the rights and wrongs of a situation?

  3. The comments you are quoted as saying on the BBC Tayside & Central Scotland website are spot on Pete. Pity the radio show didn’t give you time on air to say that.

  4. We did run out of time, there’s a whole bunch of extra info that would have been great to get to as it fleshed out a wider scenario. We must have been bantering away for about 40 minutes before we went on air and all we got out was one postive statement from Grant and one negative one from me.

    I’ll write something up later today hopefully and I’m talking to the Park about an in-depth Q&A with me later on.

  5. I’ll look forward to the more in depth update.
    I also note something I’d not spotted before i.e. I’ll be in double trouble – camping and drinking…

  6. Just in case the Beeb pulls it’s reports (been done so many times in the past…) Here’s what Pete was quoted as saying:

    Outdoors writer Peter Macfarlane argued that the Lomond camping ban was not working, with rangers simply picking “easy targets”.

    “I’ve seen a ranger move on a young French couple who were hiking and then ignore the huge family tent with people drinking outside camped in the ban area,” he said.

    “I’ve got no problem with them policing it properly. There’s a local community on east Loch Lomond, people live there. But the rest of the park is more sparsely populated – they can just go and deal with it.

    “It’s going to give the impression to the public that it’s some kind of policed, closed community. It’s the wrong way to go about it.”

  7. Talking to my Brother In Law yesterday, he let slip that he and 4 or 5 mates were planning on going “camping” and fishing up at Loch Earn. By the time I’d finished with him, he was researching caravan sites and lodges :o)

    Interesting that when the Beeb first mentioned this a few years ago (Landward), they defined “wild campers” as fishermen and folk who overnight in car parks. And if a park ranger cannae tell the difference between folk that are just passing thru’ and a bunch of numpties oot on a pish-up, it’ll never be policed properly.

    I’ll be watching this one with great interest.

  8. all setting a dangerous precedent I think, how will an estate owner differ from the National Park body in the eyes of the law when they want to specify who can and who can’t camp on ‘their’ land.

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