Loch Lomond Camping Byelaws

This came up this morning and got itself around fairly quickly. The idea being to make it an offence to “informally camp” on a strip a few hundred meters wide on average along the east shore of Loch Lomond from Drymen to a kilometre or so beyond Rowardennan.
We all knew that the neds on their carry-out consuming, log-burning and shite-dropping expeditions were going to spoil it for everyone, and they really do have to make these dicks arrestable I think.
It’s how they approach it is the thing, what worries me is (for example) the conscientious backpackers from Eastern Europe who get caught out between regular campsites on the West Highland Way and pitch in the dark where they can. They’ll leave a clean site early next day, and I wouldn’t like these folks to get the polis pulling them out of their sleeping bags at 2am.

Anyway, I’m meeting the BBC and a rep from the National Park Authority tomorrow to do a piece for Good Morning Scotland. I’ll get to speak for us folks and also get the inside line hopefully. Unless there’s a big story before breakfast, then we’ll get bumped.

Of course it’s entirely possible to camp by Loch Lomond and make no impact at all other than a positive on on your mood. As seen below.

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  1. It’s not as bad as it might look. There’s an awareness about the kind of folk I mention above, so it won’t be that everybody gets lifted, but the Park staff will need training so they know what the score is.
    There’s also provision to tackle the West side as well if the problem shifts to a great extent.

    I’ll know more tomorrow, talking to the them is always better than reading a report.

  2. If applied properly as you say this is no bad thing. But I pity the poor sods who have to shift these scumbags – it will undoubtedly get nasty.

    By the way its not just Loch Lomond. I happened across a wrecked cheapo tent, sleeping bags, discarded pot and the obligatory pile of empty cider cans a few hundred metres straight up through the fields from the gas station at the bottom of the Loch Humphrey road last week (sure you know where I mean). Leaves you dismayed at the human race.

  3. Aye Del, that’s a favourite ned hangout there.

    Now that the path network has improved, there’s even more neds getting easy access to the Kilpatricks at the Dumbarton end, more rubbish, more stupids milling around on drier days.
    I await summer with interest.

  4. Hope it goes well, I’ll listen out for you on my drive to work. Though I doubt I’ll recognise your voice without the sound of wind drowning you out :)

  5. Remember once arriving at the end of the Loch Arkaig road and being surprised at the number of ‘great unwashed’.

    One of them headed home with a couple of my mate’s hubcaps

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