It’s occured to me that I haven’t said that much about it on here yet. Nothing to do with the definition , which includes “without seriousness of purpose; trivial or trifling”.

It’s probably more to do with me always looking for the next thing, rather than covering all the stuff I’ve been saying on the forums already. This winter sees a lot of the new, clothes and equipment. Through the winter I’ll be testing a new sleep system from the US that should offer an increase in temperature and breathability performance and a loss in weight. It hasn’t been used in UK conditions yet, so no pressure or worries there at all.

We’re using the CAMP Corsa and Corsa Nanotech axes as well, you can carry one of each and still be lighter than you would be with an ordinary walking axe. We’re looking at sub 400g eVent and ProShell jackets, the now familiar Kahtoolas, Icebug footwear of course and assorted wee bits and pieces, all of it inapropriate for winter according to current standards (in this country anyway). But not those standards of a few years ago. A good example of why this is the case is the quote “A week in politics is long time”.

So, aye I’ll be back on evangelical form before too long.

2 thoughts on “Lightweight”

  1. Those Corsas look very interesting. Needle Sports has them and sure enough they say they’re not suitable for the UK – so you know now for sure ;)

    They also say that they may only last a season. Not what I’ve found from having an aluminium “ski touring” axe and knocking it about in Wales and Scotland for a few years.

    But I’ll be very interested to hear how well they survive with you since I’m sure they’ll see more action than mine!

    The only downside with a weight that low is that if you’ve got small arms, like my girlfriend, a heavier axe probably is needed if you’re to stand a chance of cutting a step!

  2. The step cutting is something I’ve been wondering about. I got a 60cm one, which is good for walking for me. That should give length enough for a swing at cutting a step. How many steps it’s do before is disappears is another matter.
    It’s almost a disposable ice axe.

    We’ll see.

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