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Light My Fire are a familiar name now, we see their sporks everywhere, but the name does suggest they do something else. Indeed their homepage says “We sell fire”, which I like as sounds like an 80’s metal album, and I’ve used one of their firesteels for years which been faultless.
The brand has a new UK distributor this year in Lyon Equipment so we should be seeing more of the range in the shops. I’ve got a bunch of their kit on test just now and first up is also a first for these pages, testing something wooden.

I know it looks like a tatty empty box there, that’s because it is, but it did contain a full compliment of Tinder Sticks when new. The story is that the sticks are cut from pine tree stumps in Mexico (Why Mexico I don’t know, but I like it, it makes them kinda exotic. Wasn’t there a Ford Escort Mexico in the 70’s? Sorta rally styled? Like I say, exotic.) and are naturally jammed full of flammable resin.
Now these came in just before I left for the bothy trip a few weeks back and thought I’d take a couple along, but I took the whole pack as it’s pretty small, 2¼” x 1¼” x 8″ (imperial to metric converter here), which turned out to be a great idea as fuel was scarce, and why I’ve only got an empty box to photograph. Unpacking them two things were apparent, they smell lovely and are on the tacky side. They won’t stick to your gear or leave a residue or anything like that, but they are indeed resin-y. Turns out they light pretty damn quick too, the flame is strong and warm enough on it’s own to be useful and also to light the most stubborn of ropey fuel in a bothy fireplace. Bending and splintering the sticks helps with lighting if you’re using a firesteel, but a match held to the end of a plain stick gets in going in no time. Magic bit of kit.

The other fella in the silver tub is TinderDust, it’s basically shavings of the Tindersticks and has a similar burning performance. The dust is great for sold fuel stoves (some stuff on that coming soon) and the little tubs weigh nothing and will last for ages.

I wish I’d had this stuff years ago before I started using gas stoves, it makes life so much easier and there really is something about a natural flame that a gas burner will never replace. Must be the caveman in me.

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  1. Whwn i first read this i thought it said Thunderstruck. Just been listening to AC/DC though.

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