Light My Fire Swedish FireSteel 2.0

I had mixed emotions when the Firesteel 2.0 from Light My Fire came in for test. I’d been using the original version for years, had no problems with it and the new one looked and felt substantially different.
Some of this was explained to me, both halves are scooped to make for a secure grip and a positive strike, but also so that they nestle into each other for neat stowing. This wee feature only works if the two halves are threaded onto the cord the correct way, this is checked before packing for the shops and if it’s wrong it goes back to get fixed. Attention to detail? Yes please.

The striker is the half that’s been updated the most, the steel itself just having the new gripper. The striker has a different blade, my old one has a wavy edge with a burn mark as the only clue for me to get it the right way up to make a spark, where the 2.0 has a wide squared U-shape cross section giving a very aggressive edge for striking the steel with. This takes a little more effort to do as there’s a little more resistance, but the shower of sparks is noticeable fatter looking compared to the old style.
The striker gripper is also a whistle, kinda along the lines of the whistle buckles we’re used to seeing on rucksack chest straps. Maybe looks a bit gimmicky, but when you’re cooking or sitting around camp how often are you wearing your rucksack? So, maybe it’ll be handy one day right enough.
It’s a little neater in size than the old one and it fits into my smallest cook kit combo no problem, it works great too and is now part of my standard set up.

Aye, it’s the little things that make the difference.

6 thoughts on “Light My Fire Swedish FireSteel 2.0”

  1. That certainly looks smaller/lighter/neater than my current industrial-sized one. A brief google shows these on Ebay and I’ve got Paypal money burnin’ a hole in my pocket :o)

  2. A quick look also reveals the full range of colours on there too :o)

    There’s something about lighting the stove with a firesteel, the sounds, the spark, it’s one of those little pleasures of camp.

  3. I’ve used one for years and I still think it’ll outlive me.
    There’s something rare and wonderful about buying something that’s unlikely to ever need replaced. I guess that’s why they bring out newer models and different colours.

    You’re right about the sound etc. It taps right into your inner caveman.

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