Life’s a beach

I was standing by the window talking on the phone and I could see the way it was going with the clear blue sky and sinking sun. No way I was getting to a hill before it was dark and I was in the studio at 6, but the harbour is just over the road so I grabbed the camera, a body warmer, hat and gloves and took a wander over the canal bridge and onto the beach. 

I’ve taken a million photies of the remains of the boardwalk but it holds an eternal fascination for me as it shrinks little by little. Looking towards the Kilpatricks above the stumps look like the undead fingers of a buried giant breaking the surface on their way to wreak a terrible revenge on Jack for some long past bean and stalk related misunderstanding.
Below the original form is still kinda visible, but a tree trunk carrried there on a high tide looks like the last meal of a fossilised dinosaur stuck between it’s time distorted ribcage.

How this wall stays up I’ll never know, some of the stones are just levitating in there. It’s been like that since I can remember and it makes for an easy climb.
The curve around the corner has a slice in it, a crack or a key line for steps? It would spoil it if I knew.

It was cold when the sun went down, pulling on gloves cold. It made me grin as I wandered back to get ready for the studio. A smell of Winter in the air brings the lightness of Spring to my temperament.
Still went out an tried to beat a Flying V to death for three hours though.

6 thoughts on “Life’s a beach”

  1. Wasn’t really sure if you were going to sit in your studio (with a dram of course) or if you were going to start building one.

    I’ve got a porch on ma hoose……..does that count?

    Liked the look of your climbing wall though. Didn’t look too crowded.

  2. Ah it looks like you managed to get out and grab the pics then!

    Look forward to some tuition on getting something similarly decent.

  3. I wonder if the crack in the wall was the side of an old ramp into the water ???

    Cracking photies … looks like you’ve the hang of the camera (was it the LX5 ?)

  4. The studio is Red Eye in Clydebank, three recently refurbished rehearsal rooms with recording and snack facilities. It’s important to mention that as it’s been a manky pit for 20 years until taken over by Bishy earlier in the year :o)

    The wall is great until the last six feet where the smooth pointing between the stones gives it an unexpected E grade!

    I was down there three mimutes after I got of the phone to you Ollie. Point and click, that’s the trick :o)

    I’ve seen pictures of the old boardwalk and it’s hard to tell if there was a ramp in there or not as the wooden deck went right round the corner, certainly looks like it though. The crack is very like the ones you get in old stonework for lead flashing plates which confuses the issue for me.

    LX5, aye. All the recent photies have been done with it, I was pretty pleased with the Loch Callater night shots, I’m getting less anxious using it.
    I’ve got a trial of Corel Paintshop downloaded onto the new laptop which says it keeps the photies sharp when I shrink them to 550px for on here but I’m not convinced. I should probably read the tutorial.

  5. Ah-ha … Image resizing – the Dark Art.

    I don’t know what choices you have in Paintshop, but Photoshop has a number of resizing methods. “Resize Smoother” is good for enlargements (if you see what I mean), and “Resize Sharper” is best for reducing the size of photies.

    For Paintshop, have a go using the method in Looks like the “Smart Size” resampling method might do what I described for Photoshop.

    If Paintshop methods fail, you could always try downloading a trial of Photoshop Elements from and seeing if you get on with that.

  6. Just tried that very setting on the cyberman in the post above and I think it’s looking good for keeping the sharpness. Pleased!

    I’ll work with Corel and see how I get on, the layout’s very different from the basic Photoshop I had on the old laptop and I’m not good with too many options, of which there are many. If it all gets too much I’ll get a Photoshop trial in 23 days time :o)

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