Leki Newness

Rob also brought the latest developments from Leki.

Aye, you’re seeing it right, that’s flick-locks on Leki poles. There’s a few models in the range that are getting this option, and knowing how popular Black Diamond’s poles with flick-lock length adjustment have been, it looks like a good move.
Weight is still low, and I was swinging them about while extended and I don’t think there’s going to be an issue.
The mechanism itself is pretty much a quick-release like you would find on a seatpost on your bike, and a good one like a Hope too, and it’s been finely engineered as it has to be small and take the load of a hiker tripping onto it as they struggle round the Fairfield horseshoe wearing a 45L pack in high summer (aw come on, I haven’t used that one in ages…).
The other important word in the photie is carbon. Leki carbon poles without antishock, and with flicklocks sound like a proposition you can work with.
The sticky length adjustment was one wee issue I had with the carbon Leki’s, and the other was the strap adjustment. People power has prevailed and below is the new tool and faff-free adjustment mechanism in the handle. A handle so light incidentally, that without the strap it would float away.
2010 sees some new finishing on the poles, so the range looks quite fresh. I was really disappointed though when I was squinting at one white pole without my glasses saying “That’s skulls isn’t it? They’ve put skulls on a pole…” and Rob looked at me as if I was daft saying that it was just wee Leki logo’s in a pattern.

13 thoughts on “Leki Newness”

  1. don’t you think wee flashes of red on things makes them instantly look better. It’s like the red grille that they recently reintroduced on the Golf GTi’s – instantly recognisable… cool.

  2. I love my Black Diamond ally poles in winter, the flick-locks are the easiest, most secure way of adjustment, especially in mittens. I tried a pair of carbon Lekis in the shop a couple of months ago for summer use but didn’t like the twisty adjustment. These new ones look perfect.

    Skulls would have been ace!

  3. :o) ok here you go http://twitpic.com/eir2f
    technically it’s not a skull, rather a face outline? but it is on a Berghaus! Get one.. crikey!

    My mate found it in a Blacks in Liverpool. :o)

    (link may or may not work, cut n paste!)

  4. Aye I know. It was my mate Andy who was on the trek that found it and emailed the pic. Chris Bonnington was staying at our hotel in KTM and Andy & the others met him and his son Joe again when they went to base camp, so he’s bought the t-shirt! Daft :o)

  5. Ach, Bonington is a proper hero, that’s allowed.
    On Monday after we were done at Montane we met up with Mike Parsons for a cuppa, the very man who sponsored the Bonington trip and made all the kit. He was just back from a month in the Alps, and he wasn’t sitting in teashops :o)
    Those two and a few others that are still around are national treasures.

  6. No way! Cool.
    Aye CB was a thoroughly nice bloke. His advice on the trek… make sure your camera timezones are set correctly or you’ll have a nightmare when you get home & photies are all out of sync! Class. :o)

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