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Leki’s got some new kit due in the shops and I had a meet-up last week to see some of it.

Above is a bit of a clue, and below is the the Foto System pole with the top of the grip removed. The handle looks like a regular type, the camera mount being hidden inside the cap, which has three locating lugs for a twist-in secure fit and a sliding lock (the wee black bit on the white cap) to keep it in place. The pole itself is standard stuff and comes in either aluminium and carbon sections.
I like this better than the externally mounted Leki camera widget I had previously, while it worked well I did end up smashing it to pieces on a trip and I did often wonder if I would slip and stick it into my face. The carbon version extends to 170cm which would be handy indeed, on a windless day of course.

Above is the Carbon 4, basically a regular pole in four-sections, the reason for which is to get a smaller packed size. It still feels light in the hand, and you could stash this invisibly on the outside 0r indeed inside of most regular sized and shaped packs.

Above is the one that had me grinning right away. Folding poles have proven a success, the naysayers were wrong and there’s plenty of different models out there now. Leki have come up with the Micro Stick which has the same tent-pole-esque format, but with some neat additions. The pole tension is set by the user and then locked with the big red lever there. Now, strong hands are fine, and also puny hands are fine, because if you don’t pull it rigid all that’ll happen is a little rattling because the section joints are strong with very long overlap areas and solid feeling spigots (is that the right word in this context?).
They’re still light, they fold to 39cm and manage to feel as robust as a “proper” pole. They’ll come in 110/120/130cm lengths too, so getting a good fit should be okay for most folk.
I like the look of these a lot, I’ll have a set in for test soon.

Lastly, below with all the above poles is a new face on these pages. This is John who has taken over from Rob who we’ve seen over the past few years when Leki and other Ardblair brands come up. Rob’s fine by the way, he’s just off to another UK brand.
John is a fan of the lighter side of things and has a lot of experience from different aspects of the trade, we had some banter about this and that, including one of  my regular targets; store buyers. He fought for that corner well. He’s a good lad, knows his stuff and we’ll see him again soon.

10 thoughts on “Leki New Stuff”

  1. Now length options on fixed length poles are a nice idea :)
    (although I could sort of use most of the length on that 170cm long one myself….).

  2. A shame they’re not doing the adapter for Makalu poles – I had some pocket money put aside for one of those.

    No matter how good the foto system poles are, I can’t justify replacing my Ultralite Carbons just for that :-(

    Unless, of course, there is a speedlock version…?

  3. Aye, the Makalu has the one-piece handle doesn’t it?

    I think those are the only new models above, don’t know about a speedlock version, and having just had a look at the Leki website I don’t think it’s going to help me find out.
    So may brands have unusable websites.

  4. Any idea of the weight of these? I wish I’d known about them. I was looking for some lighter poles after one of my Pacer Poles exploded in the Mamores this winter. I thought of the Fizans, but I use my poles as a pole for my Duomid and as a camera mount, so they would not work. Ended up getting another pair of pacers, but these being carbon should be lighter, they are long enough and those locks look a bit less of a faff.

  5. No weights on the price list Dan, but they didn’t feel heavy at all, certainly nothing different to what I’d normally use.
    Wrecked a Pacer Pole eh? Carbon can be quite fun when it lets go!

  6. I must have had it over extended because it was the aluminium version, and I left the other in a van when hitching out of Glenn Nevis, so after that trip I was left with half a pole.

  7. I’ve done that an Alpkit pre-production sample, half dropped out on Bein Ime, few things feel quite so useless as half a trekking pole.

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