Leki Aergon Photoadaper and Ultralite Carbon Poles

After myrecent experience in the Cairngorms where the end of my camera tripod went missing and the day was saved by Daniel’s trekking pole, when I was shown the Leki Aergon Photoadaper sample my immediate reaction was “Yes please”.

The Aergon Photoadaper fits on Leki poles with the Aergon handle such as the Ultralite Carbons here. There’s a wee tool (comes with the production version, not my sample) to pop off the grip top and replace it with the threaded version you can see above. You get the threaded adaptor which lightens into the brass boss in top of the grip and the red knurled thumbscrew on it tightens the camera on independently. The little red plug goes into the boss to stop crap getting in, but seeing as I already lost it inside an A5-sized clear poly bag I don’t think taking it on and off with gloves on in winter on a hill will see it reaching a grand old age.
It looks like a neat wee thing, and as the pole has more height adjustment than my Zipshot tripod I can see me using this quite a bit when the wind isn’t blowing my fringe into my eyes.

The poles themselves are neat, the handles feel nicer in the hand (my last test pair of Makalu Carbons had the older version handles), and the wriststrap adjustment is easy. The length adjustment is typical Leki, a little on the sticky side, but solid once done. The Super-Lock widgets have the new stainless steel inners for longevity, reliability and to resist destruction via over-tightening by stupids who never clean their poles. The tips are the usual Carbide Flextip, and team-colours made me smile, although they did once again apologise for not having a skull-print option.

I’ll fit the doodah onto one of the poles, take them out and report back after the next trip.

8 thoughts on “Leki Aergon Photoadaper and Ultralite Carbon Poles”

  1. Like the look of that widget!

    I got a pair of these poles recently, and overall I like them lots – however, after a handful of outings I found myself at the top of Carnedd Llewellyn with one useless pole as the bottom expanding widget decided to detach and stay stuck in the middle section… Replaced immediately without quibble, thankfully.

    These are my first cf poles, and just maybe I’m a five-thumbed gorilla, but…

    Also, the LH/RH straps took me a while to get used to. I’m tempted to wrap red and green gaffer tape round the appropriate tops to help tell which is which.

    1. Nah, they’ve changed the expanding widget because of a few issues, so you’re not alone.

      You’ll be able to fit the widget no problem if you fancy one, I did it with a skinny philips screwdriver.

      And, we’ll see how I get on with the L/R straps soon enough…

  2. > You’ll be able to fit the widget no problem if you fancy one

    I’m confused, now. Is that the tripod bush widget or updated expanding widgets? Expanding widgets look like a TORX bit, but I’m unsure how the bush is bonded to the carbon…

  3. The photie widget I mean, it’ll be on every Leki stand in the nation by September I think.

    The expander is indeed a TORX (I have it in my hand!), it’ll be some kind of glue/epoxy bonding holding it in.
    It’ll be replacable, I’m sure you can get the little bits and pieces, it would just be a little nervy turning that screw for the firts time!

  4. Looks like a well thought out bit of kit. I found that I just left the Pacerpole camera mount all of the time when walking. The only downside being the possibility of being poked in the eye by the screw mount after a slip when going uphill. Fortunately, this never happened. Also, you really have to jam the pole into the ground to get a firm monopod. On some ground this is more difficult (or impossible, and you cannot use snow baskets either) and it also increases wear on the tips of your poles. But overall its a very useful thing to have, particularly for those who would not usually carry a tripod. And for those who use there poles for pitching tents or tarps, it gives them a third use for their poles with hardly any additional weight. I wish more manufacturers would come up with widgets that allow multiple uses for gear.

  5. Then potential for mishaps was one issue we talked about when I saw the sample. The thread isn’t that proud of the plastic body of the widget, so I’m hoping that it’ll damage neither face nor glove!

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