Left hand down a bit

What we have above is an example of modern life’s inability to enforce natural selection.

It’s a street in Glasgow’s city centre, and it’s one-way as you’ll see from the approaching cars and the cars parked at the kerb on the far side. The parking on my side is the 45°, gravity assisted, reverse-in type that saves space and packs the cars in if the street isn’t a main thoroughfare.
But as you’ll also see, it’s open day for stupids who have turned around 300° across two lanes to park nose-in.
Getting in this way is difficult enough, but reversing out when you’ve been too stupid to reverse in is a mammoth task for which the fool seen above was woefully under-equipped. I had tears in my eyes as the cars swerved, honked their horns and waved their hands in terror as this muppet eased themselves backwards and forwards randomly across the lanes trying to get the car pointing the right way.
If this was the stone age, such people would be knocked unconscious by the coconut they were trying to dislodge from the tree by throwing rocks at it, and then be eaten by a passing and most likely arthritic, and consequently somewhat un-threatening sabre-toothed tiger.

I would have loved to have sat with an ice cream and watched the other wrongly parked numpties make their mark on passing innocent motorists fortunes, but time and parking charges were against me.
I carried on to my destination, past office doorways with their clouds of enthusiastic perfume and frantic cigarette smoke, chuckling away to myself as I went.

11 thoughts on “Left hand down a bit”

  1. Aye but also you have to watch the time whilst shooting the breeze, especially if you are parked round the corner from the traffic Wardens office at home time.
    Clearly Tiso is the venue !

  2. in a quiet devon retirement town, a bus came nose to nose with an elderly lady in her 70’s in her mini. The meeting was on a narrow road, and on a bend – the local police officer approached the lady and instructed her to reverse. With a look of anger, the lady scolded the police man, “young man, i have been driving for over 50 years and never reversed in my life…i am not about to start now!”

  3. Bobinson aye, free parking + cuppas = joy.

    Gucci, I had to dislodge a ladies vehicle from it’s space in a multistory carpark a few years back when a very similar driving history to your example became apparent.

    Good grief!

  4. I never told you about the twit who got himself stuck on the wee bridge leaving East Kilbride onto the backroad to Hamilton (the one behind Calderglen Country Park) did I?

    The same twit who made me so late I missed a very very important appointment because of.

  5. An old mate of my dad was three-point-turning in a country lane (you can see what’s coming…) and got t-boned at speed by a local causing injury and mayhem.
    Driving is just operating a piece of lethal machinery and you life and wellbeing when you’re on the road really is in the hands of people whose minds are elsewhere and whose skills are unknown.

  6. It was a very sore one, but he did come through it.

    I’ve been in car accidents and it is something that speaks to you of your mortality. Now, with Holly in tha car I’m psychotically defensive.

    I hate driving.. I hate cars…I hate the time it consumes…hurry up with the transporter technology!

  7. I’m glad he’s ok.

    Yes it does,Ive only been in one accident and as a passenger I felt helpless as I wasn’t in control. It’s one of the things that spurred me on to get my license believe it or not.

    Speaking of cars, have to go put tax on the Bigbananamobile today :o(

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