Last chance

Done my last distance training run yesterday around the Ardgarten Peninsula. It didn’t go as well as the last time. I went anticlockwise and made good time round to Lochgoilhead but then I decided to find this track next to Donich Water that I remembered from years back that was never on a map. It’s all different, a new bulldozed track, tree felling, disaster.

I ended up knee deep in moss and bog next to the river two miles too far upstream. Luckily I escaped from that into a conifer plantation which tested the LIM Ozone and any exposed skin to the limit. By the time I fell out of the trees onto that same bulldozed track I looked like one of Dutch’s team from the last act of Predator.

Oh look, the sun is going down. Across the Dukes Pass in the dark was fantastic, although the forest tracks above Loch Long back to the motor were endless. Near Corran Lochan I sat with a cuppa and watched the lights of the tanker that was moored at Garelochead, the only sound was of the pumps taking it’s cargo onshore echoing across the loch.

Yes, the photie is rubbish.

This was the first run out for the Carbon PacerPoles, nice, light, they should do well at the weekend. The SPOT worked again. The legs lasted the course as well as could be expected.

The Real Food Cafe in Tyndrum are joining in the fun. I’m using their office pc to update here and elsewhere when I pass through. Not only is it an oasis of wonderful food it turns out they’re a great bunch of folks too.

Four days.


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  1. Bon Chance. You’ve put in some miles, so fingers crossed it pays off and the weather gods smile on you!

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