LaSportiva Trango S EVO GTX

I love being proved wrong.
We all know the forum dweller who chips in every time with “I’ve used this fintobunto for years, it’s the best there is and there’s no point of looking elsewhere”, and I’m sure they’re very happy when they use it three times a year. But we’re not learning anything from that are we?
I would be easy for me to never wear proper boots again, but going for the lightweight option doesn’t have to mean that you’re wearing blinkers and have stuck you fingers in your ears.
So I’ll be wearing boots this winter, and joining that limited group of kit we have the Trango S EVO’s rfrom LaSportiva.

They’re a nice slim fit, they feel like they’ll be very precise, so good for scrambling. The ankle has very good flex, so I’m hopeful of maintaining some natural movement. The sole is pretty stiff, but with a nice curve at the forefoot for a less arduous walking action. The lugs are a good shape with decent depth, and of course there’s the “Climbing Zone” at the toe. We’ll see how I manage with that. 

They feel light on my feet, and the fit seems okay. From LaSportiva I had Nepal’s when they first came out and Lhotse’s later on too, both taller ankle cuffs than the Trango’s, so I know I’ll be able to work with them, the only question will be comfort.

I’ve adjusted a few crampons to fit them, as they are a good crampons platform, taking a heel clip and having that stiffness underfoot that still feels a little unfamiliar as I wander about wearing these at home, My barely used new-style Grivel G12’s at the top fit okay, although the curve of the boot is a little more than the front plate, the Grivel AirTech Race’s fit very well indeed. If I get on well with these boots I might look at regular AirTech’s with a heel clip. The Kahtoolas fine fine of course.

They’re well made, good looking, badass and they’re boots.
I’ve got a completely open mind here, I wore boots for years, and maybe technology, materials and design have moved on enough to give me that extra performance with out all the knee wrenching weight and clumpiness of the piles of boots in the attic.

So good or bad, time will tell. Like I say, I loved to be proved wrong, that’s learning that is.

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  1. It does surprise me rather how you manage with both Keen Targhees (really high volume and with a very wide forefoot), mids that my feet quite literally get lost in, and Trango S Evos, which are certainly a precise fit, from memory.

    Be interesting to see how you get on with them. The “climbing zone” is very much a via ferrata thing, I think.

  2. I use G12 Airtech’s with the heel clip and they work well with the Trango Alp (same boot?). Just make sure you get them tensioned up right or else…..

  3. I think it’s partly because I wear different footwear all the time, my feet just seem to get on with it. I don’t get sore points that get aggravated time and time again, so I can get away with less-than-perfect fit, which I think is important for reviewing, fit is too subjective to be a factor.
    I tune fit with socks and very occasionaly with insoles.
    My feet are probably tougher than the once were as well.

    We’ll see how I do after a long day in these or the Haglofs Gryms!

  4. Bob, they look similar, aye.
    I had to tighten up the Airtech’s length, these boots are pretty minimal in mass for their size, probably partly why they’re so light?

  5. Interesting. I guess it helps if you have more or less ballpark feet, with tuning most things can be made to work. Certainly wouldn’t work for me – narrow and shallow, and pretty obviously so :)

    Just saw the Twitter update. Oooh, haglofs next winter…my stomach just flipped upside down and my heart rate climbed up. How badly will my bank balance suffer, I wonder…

  6. I use my Evos with either Kahtoolas, or else G12s but I’ve fitted them with the flexi-bars from G10s – works a treat!
    My only issue is that my G12s have no front posts to catch the boot toe – they have a wire bail that fits a treat over the toe-plate of my telemark ski boots – the bail seems to fit but I’m always a little wary in case the boot toe pops out. Daft really, it hasn’t done yet. The Kahtoola straps seem rock solid in comparison though.

    Hmm, the climbing zone – never really been aware of it, not found any disadvantage, not really noticed any benefit either….

  7. ACS, I am thoroughly average in every way, the feet are no exception!

    I’m looking forward to seeing the Haglofs range, there’s some welcome returns I believe (anybody remember the Triton Hoody?), and just what would a Spitz redesigned for Scottish winter look like…

    It’s been a long time since I’ve used crampons with a toe bail Matt, simplicity itself.
    I’ll need to try the flex bars in the G12’s, good call.

  8. I have the ‘climbing zone’ on the Raichle’s I got for my WS course… found that I couldn’t use my toes to push off whilst walking else I kept slipping.
    Take your stanley knife just in case.

  9. Wore Trango Treks for a few years before I started wearing Inov-8’s, the 3D ankle thingy is genius, no breaking in required.

    Picked up a cheap pair of Trango Classics for this winter, basically an S Evo, but in a nice conservative brown leather (don’t do patent leather shoes, sorry!).

    All I need now is another mug to join me and Iain G. on a winter climbing weekend… any takers?

  10. I got a pair of these when they first came on the scene in the UK and they very quickly got nicknamed “The Disco Boots” as the blue colour reminded me of Abba blue

    I got on with them well straight out the box and although they were initially for scrambling in the Cuillin they very quickly got used for winter too.

    I did manage to trash the rand and kevlar sides though on Great Stone Shoot – I really hate scree.

    I would have gone for a straight replacement but LS had brought out the Trango Alp with a bit more forefoot cushioning which I need (wonky feet. Have only used them twice last winter with G12’s with no problems though I am reluctant to say they are my first choice for going out in winter

  11. I’ve played with crampon settings some more and the Trango’s are fine with everything now. Still nervous about hitting the hills in them. Kilpatricks first I think.
    They are spandex blue right enough :o)

    Orange as a weapon?!

  12. I wore an old pair of asolo fugitives to walk the dog last week.

    After wearing mids or trail/fellshoes for the last few years, it was a strange and slightly unpleasant experience.

  13. had these boots for some months now and was really surprised at how flexible the ankles were havent tried them with crampons (Camp stalker)yet but looking forward to it

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