LaSportiva Stratos Ski-Mountaineering Boot

Just in for test… Nah, no way I can keep a straight face saying that. Normally press releases and the like get scanned and filed if something immediately appropriate doesn’t jump out, but I met up with Si from Lyon Equipment the other day and I spotted these monsters.
The Stratos were the result of a project to make the best and lightest ski touring boot, and with a remit bypassing cost and manufacturing complexity concerns, they pushed the boat out somewhat.
Something like 1200g a pair for carbon fibre, dyneema and titanium hand-made Italian madness, and flat-out they can make around five pairs a week. There’s an element of  “Nah nah, look what we can do” about these which I absolutely love.
The British Olympic Ski Team have ten pairs of these, but you can have them too for just £2,500.
Aye, you’ll never complain about the cost of your footwear again will you?

6 thoughts on “LaSportiva Stratos Ski-Mountaineering Boot”

  1. 1200g the pair!!!

    Pah, they could shave at least another 200 or 300g off that if they cut them lower and gave them a nice Telemark bellows across the toe…. ;O)

    (For comparison a typical pair of telemark ski boots weighs 3 -3.5kg. God knows what a downhill pair weigh)

  2. A mate of mine has just mentioned that carbon fibre photo-degrades. If thats the case then it makes these even more of a “more money than sense” type of boot. Doesn’t stop me quietly checking the bank balance mind.

  3. Carbon fibre is just pure performamnce, money no object stuff, top-ened bikes, formula one cars. It’s the most spectacular material when it fails as well :o)

  4. I can’t make up my mind whether I’ve seen them in a 70s disco, or in Buck Rogers in the 25th century!

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