LaSportiva Skylite

LaSportiva are moving into trail shoes in a big way under the Mountain Running banner. I’ve had the Crosslite’s on long term test (review in the January Trail) and these Skylite’s take the Crosslite’s badass chassis and strip it down to the bare essentials.
The upper is pretty much the same as the Crosslite including that stupid lace cover (I’m reaching for the scissors with one hand as I type this with my right index finger…), the big difference is in the sole. It’s thinner and has an outsole desigened to give a balance between grip and speed. In essence it looks like it’s looking for a face off with Salomons XA for the crown of best international trail running shoe, with the same quality and for less money too.
I’ve only worn them for a day, so we’ll see how they fare. In winter. They should be available in the UK next year.

My Italian friend sitting on the couch as a write this informs me that LaSportiva is a feminine name. Interesting.

9 thoughts on “LaSportiva Skylite”

  1. I’d suggest the outsole might be a step in the wrong direction, especially for winter. It looks a bit shallow, like the XA, which should have a Speedcross outsole stuck on it – trail shoe nirvana!

  2. The sole on the XA is a constant source of disappointment.
    The Skylites are definitely an “on the trail” shoe, offroad there will be a story to tell I think.

  3. Yeah, I guess if you stuck to the trail they might be ok (“Stay on the road. Keep clear of the moors. Beware the moon, lads.”). I assume the rest of the LaSportiva range gets the ptc* stamp of approval for colour? My eyes, my eyes….

  4. So does that mean I have a package of joy at F&L waiting for me ?
    The drop of Haglofs kit is due 1st Dec woo hoo early christmas !lim this lim that lim all of it !

  5. Hmm, I was trying the crosslite’s amongst others on today in lakeland runner on the way home from Wasdale. None were perfect. I tried a few on but the Crosslite’s were winning. Possibly better than the TNF coopers hill I love, (which TNF in their infinite wisdom have ruined this year).

    If you read this… TNF, TAKE THE F*CK%NG LINER BACK OUT!! Nobody who uses the shoe properly, wants it in. It weigh’s more, costs more and does’nae let water back out. Think about it! do you want “run once and never again” or “run regularly” as a customer??

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