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I met up with Si from LaSportiva distributors Lyon Equipment at the start of the year and he pulled these from the boot of his motor, and I went Ooh, then when I saw that the gaiter wasn’t waterproof I went Ah.

Always a dilemma low-cut waterproof footwear, but that attached gaiter is a loose cannon, it wears a leather blazer with aviator shades and drives a muscle car while everyone else is in uniform with a straight face. I’ve been out this year in shoes and softshell gaiters, and there were no tears. So, the timing is right for an more balanced approach test of LaSportiva’s new Crossovers.

The chassis is the Crosslite which we should all know. The shoe that said LaSportiva weren’t pissing about with trail shoes, or Mountain Running as they call it.
The upper is the same mesh and light padding with tougher material overlayed for durability, but here we have a Gore-Tex lining inside. This lining  changes the sizing, I’m a size up from the Crosslites, so don’t just mail order your regular size here.
We’ve got the same killer aggressive sole, flat like a fell shoe with bag badass lugs in two different compounds for great grip on anything soft and some resilience to harder surfaces.
The good news is that I don’t have to cut that daft fabric sleeve away from the laces, the laces are easily accessible for precise tightening and easy slackening here, just under that gaiter.

The gaiter is in a stretch, woven material with a water-resistant zipper. The shape is good and the zip isn’t under any pressure, so I don’t see zip failure as being an issue. The top of the gaiter has a velcro flap that secures the zip puller, again protecting it from strain and there’s a bungee and cord-lock to cinch the cuff in.
The gaiters will resist quick immersion and splashing, but they will let water through at some point, how much I don’t know yet, and this is what I really want to know. If they puts up a good fight, these will be a joy on the winter trails.
The heel has an interesting construction, there’s a big pull-loop to help you get your foot in (it’s a proper runners low-volume shoe) and on the inside a sticky pattern to help hold your heel in place, maybe anticipating a wet sock on the wearer?

It’s a lovely bit of kit, great detailing and very complex construction indeed, surely there’s no way LaSportiva would bother with the hassle of putting this out if they didn’t think it was a viable arrangement to have that gaiter on a waterproof shoe?
I don’t know, but I’m going to find out.

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  1. Hey,

    any ideas where sells la sportiva gear in the uk or preferably glasgow?

    I’ve got a pair of crosslite it got from the MEC in canada a few years back but there a bit knackered.


  2. Interesting. They have the look of many a nordic ski boot, but most of those are aiming at a waterproof gaiter/cuff – not that they all achieve it!

    If the intended use is consistently-sub-zero then I could see this being a good arrangement (fashion-police notwithstanding ;o), but for wet it is all going to depend on that failure-threshold….

  3. Holdfast, the stud positions are marked on the sole :o)

    Alanswalker, I’m sure Cotswold in Partick will have the best LaSportiva selection, they’ve definitely got some of the trail shoes, maybe Ellis Brigham in Braehead might have some as well?

    Aye Matt, I reckon in snow the gaiter will just freeze and not let anything through, as you say it’s the water resistance threshold that’s the question. The sole will stick like shit to blanket so I hope they’re okay.

  4. Hmm I like the look of these. Never tried LaSportiva before, always been a Walsh & Inov8 man… reckon I should break that habit. But then the new Inov8 333’s look comfy

  5. They’re put some effort into these for sure Joe!

    lawriej, I like swapping around my footwear, I reckon it keeps my feet in good order, worth a look for sure.

  6. I liked the look of these on your visit to that outdoor gear show but i would have preferred them to be available without the gtx lining then you could have paired them with a rocky or other goretex sock, when needed. I think that way the water could be kept out of the top better. Still they look good and i wish more manufacturers would make this gaiter equipped shoe as the ideas a winner for us trailies.

  7. It is a good idea, Salomon and New Balance have done it recently, but the Crossover is neater I think.
    I’ll get these out asap so we’ve got a better idea of what the score is.

  8. Tried some on a couple of weeks back in Llanberis. Very nice, I’d just assumed the gaiter was waterproof, now I know it’s not – I’m not so impressed. Rubbish.

  9. Bit harsh that… oops. I meant it’s rubbish for me, not they are rubbish because they’re not. I really liked them.

  10. I think I’ll try the swapping routine… Inov8’s do have a nasty habit of ripping my heels to shreds unless I tape up. They wore two holes in a brand new Hilly double skin sock during the OMM :O

  11. Yep – it’s a perfect day for testing waterproofness, I even felt sorry for the daughter and gave her a lift to school and that’s very much against the grain.

    Saturday’s stroll up Scafell Pike in boots and the pain that’s causes my knees on the descent has really brought home to me that’s it’s time to sort shoe wear for winter. My knee just can’t handle the altered bio-mechanics of descent in boots too well but everything I read about goretex socks, other than the unavailable Rockys, speaks of quick failure of the membrane. So I’ve come to the conclusion GTX shoes and gaiters that fit really well just might be my only route. Hence the interest in the above. Looking forward to seeing how you get on Pete.

    I do have a pair of 390 Inov8 boots that remain pretty much unused – maybe I should give them a go first.

  12. Availability of the titanium studs appears pretty limited in the states. They’re supposed to work with other shoes, but I had problems when I tried screwing them into a terroc and gave up. The shoe is easily a size too small, as noted, so size up. I stood in a couple of streams during icy stream crossings yesterday and my feet stayed high and dry. I haven’t tried the studs yet, but my wife has screamed bloody murder about walking around the house with them on our wooden floors. My guess is that they will be uncomfortable on the drive to the mountains, particularly since I have a manual transmission.

  13. Chewy, the 390’s are worth a shot. They do ahave a strange fit for a lot of folk, but I like them better these days than I did.

    Lawriej, that’s misery right there, Inov8s have such minimal heel cups.
    Changing around footwear stops a pattern of rubbing starting, same with socks, I always rotate what I use and my feet have brillinat the past few years.

  14. Had them on last night on my short loop training run.
    Lots of deep puddles ad really boggy bits.
    My socks were dry apart from a few wee damp patches on the outside of my foot up by the toe, this is the thinest bit of fabric so would prob say it was condensation rather than leakage.
    The sole is great in the mud but as said above wet rock or wet wood on the bridges was like sheet ice.

  15. Plans have been shot to pieces, I was hoping for a morning jaunt as I’ve got the studio at night but now I’m looking at some new work instead.
    Oh wait, that’s a good thing…

  16. The ping is all you. Sometimes pingbacks are spam, but the sentry knows your coupon.

    Don’t say east, I have to bike into Gulvain this week or next. It’s very west.

  17. ??????? Now how did I do that ?
    Free any day but Wed’s I think ?
    Getting back to the task in hand that wee heel gripper is just the job when a bog tries to steal yer trainer from you !

  18. They’ve got one up on the Montrail Highlanders then. Just written up a route for Trail based on a trip I did with Brian where the bog sucked his Highlander off and ate it.
    I had to dig the bastart back out.

  19. Bobinson – cheers for that. No good on wet rock is no good to me :-( which is a shame if the gaiters work as well as you say.

  20. hello

    I would like to use these at Marathon Des Sable 2012 ( 7 days – 240 kms). I previously used a prototype Teva “Desert Shield” in 2008 for this event, which had a built in gaiter and the product was excellent. Any training in sand or desert ?

    Die san get inside the upper gaiter and into the shoe

  21. Not sure how they would be in fine grain sand, the gaiter looks as if it’ll do the job. I do live about 50 feet from a beach, so I’ll try and find out!
    The Gore Tex liner will keep the sand out for definite, but how hot will it make the shoe?
    There was a study that said Gore liners make no difference to how hot footwear felt. So I don’t know?

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