I’ve opened the last wee envelope on the laptop and there’s stacks of stuff I haven’t seen for ages on here.
Disturbingly I’m very young in a lot of it. It’s all scans too, so more ropey than normal, but it’s nice to see once again where I’ve been and why growing old isn’t better or worse, it’s just different.

That was a cracking day Joycee and I had above with an inversion on Loch Tay behind, rolling up Glen Lochay below us. We were climbing Meall Ghaordaidh, and it looks like I’m wearing a cape for some reason.

Mind you, I’m more oddly dressed on Schiehallion below. Help ma’ Boab.

That one is really going back, maybe as far as the one below.
No it’s not a big bouffant hairdo I’ve got (I’m on the move), it’s an authentically 70’s centre parting affair. If you look at my right arm you’ll see the strand of hair sticking to the sweat and ending in a wee clump on my forearm. At this stage in my life where all the hair is on my face or somewhat alarmingly, my shoulders, it’s important to get such details correct.

19 thoughts on “Kree!”

  1. Love the look in all the photies :-D

    Aint it great (and slightly embaressing) when you spend some time stimulating the old brain cells to times past. Not sure I would share some of my photies though – the one with the very mad perm may have to stay hidden though your photie above is not too dissimilar ;-(

  2. Awesome. Love the last one :)

    Just this morning, I was telling a workmate about covering Rage Against the Machine’s ‘Killing in the name’ to an unimpressed bunch of teachers and parents at a school charity concert.

    Still don’t know what they were so upset about ;-)

  3. Oh. My. Goodness!
    Never mind your hair, there’s a bloke in the background with a guitar and he appears to have no face! :o)
    Check out them flares too!! wowsers. There’s a kit of drums not too disimilar to those in our lobby cupboard too.

    Oh I love old photies, we get the big box out at least once a year to look and laugh and remember. Great.

  4. great place for a wedding looked rather cool though..still struggling with where to ask you questions so have put it here…..just got a shangri la 3 so floor buy one or use a bivi and if so whats best looked at the rab ones but not sure i,ll fit my sleeping bag in….using a ME dragon fly 500 ..have you heard anymore about a half inner for this…not diy many thanks for any spare info peter

  5. \o/ Rock on!!

    Some top pics there mate, Have you still got that bobble hat? ;o)

    Peter, I’m using one of these

    Not the cheapest and you have to wait a few weeks but dammn its light and very, very useaeable. for a floor I use a bit of old tarp cut to size and I think Bob at has plans to make a half nest. I hope he does.

  6. BBF has the tenty answers there. I’ve only got the Big Agnes 3 Wire Bivy or a so-far unused Terra Nova body bag!

    Tha band one is at that place in Cumbernauld, above the shopping centre, can’t remember the name. Tom Russell used to DJ the rock nights. It has to be 15 or more years ago, and yes that’s Stevie on drums. That fringe gives him away….

    I love old stuff like this, I don’t mind being younger and slimmer at all. Without memories what are we?

  7. Very Kirk Hammett mate. Strange when you go to a rock gig now and we are all bald, you still do the moves but no fringe swinging. Do you still play the guitar pal.

  8. I do indeed, I’m in the studio tonight rehearsing for some recording next month. Funny, the music’s getting heavier and slower at the same pace as I am…

  9. Good effort mate. I wish i could have learned to play but i have got fingers like tatoo off fantasy island so the fret would have to have been about an inch wide. So no videos of you playing any thrash going online soon then?

  10. Fingers like that are born to play the bass :o)

    I get tired playing thrash! We usually jam some Celtic Frost in the studio and it wears me out.
    I’ll add the new tunes to my Myspace when we get them done. I’m really looking forward to it, recording is great fun.

  11. I was always bumping into Stevie at local gigs.I knew he played drums,I can recall seeing him carrying drumsticks at a gig but I have absolutely no memory of seeing him play.He was probably in your band at the time.One of my many regrets from that period is that I never took enough photos.If you’ve more you should stick them on your myspace page.

  12. I’ve got very little as well, a few shots taken for demo covers and a couple of lives ones like the one above taken by friends.
    It never seemed important at the time, I must be making up for it these days!

  13. I always knew you were a rock god!
    I’m sure I’ve seen gigs in there – although that was probably in the 80’s (ouch) as we went everywhere watching bands as well as all the usual haunts in Glasgow – Paisley, Hamilton, Wishaw, the Ponderosa in Linwood, Largs, Ayr – all the glamour spots, heady days.

  14. Jamie, The Edge would never wear khaki canvas gaiters…

    Das, that does sound like Tom Russels 1am gig guide. We were playing the Cathouse, King Tut’s, Nice n Sleazy, Grand Central and the like. Good fun, all ended in acrimony, bitching and short hair.

    The studio went well tonight, I took my Flying V because I was feeling all metal :o)

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