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Kozi Kidz are Swedish brand who make outdoor clothes exclusively for kids from six months to ten years old. The range of kit has a big technical thread running through it with styles mirroring a regular adult range to kit your little ones out for most outdor activities all year round.
Holly has a softshell jacket and trousers on test and it’s been just miserable enough out there the past couple of days to get a first look at them before she gets them into the snow in a few months time.

Above is Kozi Kidz Softshell jacket. The fabric has three layers to it, a water resistant membrane is sandwiched by a stretch-woven outer and fleecy inner scrim. The fleece isn’t too heavy though, so it’s still good as an active jacket as it won’t be too warm. The fabric has a nice stretch too it, but still feels on the robust side and looks to have a decent water repellancy to the outer face.
The cut is good, Holly’s plenty active and the jacket’s not holding her back or riding up at the back as she clambers about. The sizing is important here, I had to guess at the sizing which is all Euro-style but the size equivalent chart on the website looks right as the 110 size is just right for Holly to grow into for a perfect fit by the end of the year and hopefully well into next year.

There’s a lot of features here. The main zip is offset (it’s also reversed for less abrasion and has a big stormflap behind it) which didn’t phase Holly at all and there’s also a shorter zip at the other side of the front collar. This opens an expansion gusset which lets the wearer hide their face from the cold or wear a scarf when open and when done up seals in the heat. Bothe zip pullers are big for easy grip and reflective too.

The main zip has a big zipper garage so the zip pull is well away from soft skin. The collar works on its own, it stands up on its own and has a decent height but also has studs inside a flap to attach a hood. The studs are good ones, the hood should stay attached when the wearer goes out to play. Hopefully.
The hood is big, pigtails, bunches or a bun at the back, all hairstyles will go in here and the hood still gives full coverage. But there’s no volume adjustment or cinching cords so the hood falls or blows off the head very easily. This is a big oversight on what is otherwise a properly tech-spec jacket and something I’ll be fixing myself before Holly goes out in it in the colder weather.
There’s one zipped pocket for mitts, hankies or sweeties which makes a mini poachers pocket on the inside as well. Talking of the inside, the jacket is very well finished, neat stitched seams and a smooth ribbon overlay on the neck seam for comfort. The gusset zip has some metal showing inside at the tail of the zip, but it’s smooth enough. Still, something I’m going to fix when I fit a hood drawcord.
The cuffs have proper velcro adjustment, big tabs and velcro patches that put most adult jackets to shame. The left cuff has a little zipped pocket for tuck shop money on it. Do they still have tuck shops?
The lower hem has drawcord adjustment with the cordlocks concealed  inside and captured for one-hand adjustment.

To match the jacket Holly has some softshell trousers. The fabric and finishing is the same as the jacket and together they made a great winter adventure combo.
The trousers have a nice high waist with drawcord adjustment, again there’s a captured cordlock.

As you’ll see below there’s a nice big label, the jacket has one too, for writing names onto as you’ll not want these to go missing from the school cloakroom. Both have big hang loops for little hand to get to grips with.

This is great kit for our kids, the quality, construction and design are up there with what we expect from our own gear. That’s why it seems so odd that the hood of the jacket is missing the adjustment necessary to make it properly protective.
If the whole range is as well produced as this it’s worth tracking down for a look. I’ll be back with more from the Kozi Kidz kit later. How good is that mad patterned softshell going to look against snow and blue skies?


7 thoughts on “Kozi Kidz Softshell”

  1. Pete

    Something tells me that the main reason why there is not an adjustment system on kids’ hoods is Health & Safety; in other words you are not allowed to sell jackets with little adjustment pieces that could come off & be swallowed


  2. Don’t think so Charles, the zip pulls could be chewed off and choked on and if they have velcro tabs on the wrists there could be velcro volume adjustment on the hood. Even some sort of unadjustable elestic within the hod to pull in into the head woul have made it better.
    The Sprayway jacket for the same age group in here https://petesy.co.uk/kids-kit/ had drawcord adjustment on the hood.
    The sofshell hood definitely needs a fix, both by me and Kozi Kidz!

  3. Aw that is cool! Looks like she’s fairly getting into it. She’ll be sitting at the window looking out at the weather to see when she’s next going out. Those trousers are nice too. Cosy indeed.

  4. Those trousers look fab for my two rugrats but can’t seem to find them anywhere…..available soon I hope.

  5. The new season is just starting, so hopefully this kind of kit shoild be getting into the shops about now.
    Give them a shout if you’re struggling, the links above go to the UK site.

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