Knock Knock…

“Who’s there?”, “DHL, sign here and print here”.

OMM has arrived. More later…

3 thoughts on “Knock Knock…”

  1. Ohhh, how does it compare with the Lightwave on review below ??? Surely Mr Parsons has come up with some more blinding kit !!???!!

  2. Soon! I’ll try and get something up tonight.

    I’ve got the new chest pouch, now called the “Trio”. It has different attachments and a mesh cover over the map sleeve to avoid a sweaty square on your t-shirt. It also has a cover over the zip to keep the weather out a bit better.
    I’ve got the all new “Adventure Light 20”. It’s a multi-use lightweight pack with some very neat features.
    Also here is the all new Ultra waist pouch. It’s an uber bumbag, with external attachment and a bottle pocket which has in it the new OMM/SIS bottle.

    It’ll take me ages to write these up as there’s so many features to cover. But I’m working on it…

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