Kit that got worn briefly, used sparingly and deserves a mention before I forget, I

Couple of quickies.
After quite a break from using it, I wore the Haglöfs Halo Jacket last night on the bike and I’d forgotten how good it is.
I know in general Gore Windstopper is something that I avoid, but the light, soft and stretchy version they use on the surfaces that face the direction of travel on the Halo really does work in these cold conditions. I was wearing it over a 190 weight merino longsleeve, when I was climbing I had it zipped open, and once at the quarry it was zipped and stayed that way. I was pushing a lot of the time and definitely sweating, but stayed comfy and dry. I think the Flexable light softshell used on the back and underarms, which does let the wind through, helps as I did maintain a nice equilibrium when I was working.
The tail didn’t ride up either, partly because of the good design and slim fit, an partly because of the Terra Nova Laser pack I was carrying, another bit of kit I’d forgotten about. It carries so well, and the bottle pockets are so poor on this first generation sample.
I carried the Berghaus Chulu vest which works as you’d expect, keeps your trunk and hands warm and fits easy into a wee pack. It was so cold later on that I was riding with it on, and that yellow colour did get me noticed as I trundled in front of four lanes of traffic on the way home.

I’ll wear mostly the same kit on the next evening ride, but I’ll swap the Haglöfs Kazoo Pants for the Haglöfs Paze Tights if it’s still this cold, and I’ll take thicker gloves. Two pairs of thicker gloves. And my Buffalo DP Mitts.

13 thoughts on “Kit that got worn briefly, used sparingly and deserves a mention before I forget, I”

  1. I must admit I’m looking forward to wearing my Kazoo’s out on the hills again.

    My Rugged’s have been in constant use for monthes now and are still looking like brand new but damn they’re heavy when you compare them side by side.

  2. You know, I’ve read Ned Overend’s ‘Mountain bike like a champion’ and found of all the techniques he covers, pushing to be the most used on the trail…

    Cardio has never been my strong point… :(

  3. I always had trouble concentrating on the up hills when I used to race mountain bikes. I often found my legs and lungs shrieking in unheard agony while my brain drifted off to a ‘happy place’!

  4. The hot coffee at the BP garage at the end of the ride is often what keep me from stopping, turning round and going back the easy way.

    It really is all about snacking for me isn’t it.

  5. Ha! That’s a good one, aye.

    I get that now and again, usually with a link back here or a mention of some sort. I’ll have a word.

    Mr Panda is famous.

  6. Sorted, the ebayer revised the listing with a link.

    I don’t mind folk using my stuff as long as I get a mention. The danger with ebay is that I’ll look like I’m selling test kit if it’s my words and photies, so I always email the seller, and they’ve always been fine about it.

  7. Aye, and the only photies of the pack are a Haglofs stock shot and three of my own from when it was new!
    Plus Mr Panda of course.

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