Kit that broke, kit that didnae, and other stuff before I forget, 2

There were some usual suspects, some new faces and some guest appearances in my kit list at the weekend.

First mention has to go to my Montrail Streaks. These are just a stunningly good shoe, and despite heat which was sitting over 35°C (deadly to most Scotsmen) my feet were completely trouble free, even to the point of not wanting to stick my feet in any cold water and paddle (as is hiker tradition) that we passed as I was completely comfortable.
I used two different socks as my feet got wet a few times and I changed in the morning, Smartwool PHD’s  and WigwamTrail Runner Pro’s. Both excelled in the same conditions, although they’re very different socks in design and materials.

PHD‘s deal with the devil served me well as I walked the summit in my Minimus jacket at dusk and dawn and was mighty pleased with the short zip on the Minim 300 bag. The short zip adds only a little weight but for the changeable conditions I’ve been using it in it’s been vital.
Underneath is of course the Thermarest Neoair, now I’m still behind in hours spent on this thing, but I can already say it’s the most comfortable mat I’ve ever slept on. It’ll be a few months before it’s insulative powers are really tested on cold ground (assuming the joints don’t go…), but I won’t be using anything else unless I absolutely have to.

Very unusually for me I wore a short sleeved merino t-shirt, but this will be an ongoing thing as I’ve got a couple of short sleeves on test. It worked very well and even in the cool evening air I didn’t subconsciously reach for rolled up sleeves to keep the chill off. It did mean more sunblock, but them’s the breaks, and a wet-wipe took most off and kept it out of the sleeping bag.
The ‘comp is now invincible with the new guys, pegs and (finally) re-secured pole hood. Strong winds made no different and in the morning the guys were still so tight I managed to pluck the bass bit from Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain” on them (think about it…).

This trip is notable for being the first overnighter of the year where I didn’t wear gloves or use a headtorch at any point. Interesting.

9 thoughts on “Kit that broke, kit that didnae, and other stuff before I forget, 2”

  1. Great trip report PTC. It’s inspired me for next week’s high camping trip to the Lakes, looks like I’ve missed the weather window though (I can prebook the cheap tickets but not the weather….). Did you make any radical mods to the Comp pole hood attachments or simply re-secure the original fitting?
    I got hold of a couple of Rab’s lightweight merino short sleeve T’s a few years ago & they’re still my first choice for mixed/good summer conditions. Can’t wear them out!

  2. Cheers!

    I could never get my knots on the hood to sit the same since they were undone, so I’ve secured the back and I’ve pegged the front half the last twice through a loop I tied in the cord. Works fine and is kinda infinitely adjustable.
    Also, I spent no time on it whatsoever :o)

    The weather looks like it’s getting cooler but less windy which which is fine by me! Should be good for getting another trip in this week so I can get photies for my Golite and BigAgnes reviews.
    Anyway, as long as your oot, all will be well!

  3. Sounds like a nice weekendtrip! Looking forward to your reviews on big agnes and golite! Cheers!

  4. The best way I’ve found to secure the pole hood is to pass a string through the webbing loop at the pole end and then tie one string around the other using a taut-line hitch

    The picture shows the knot being tied in one string looped back on itself but just imagine taking a pair of scissors to the loop in the picture and you should see how it works.

    It slides very easily (needs both hands) to tension it, or untension for striking the tent, but then grips like a grippy thing on the string they’ve used for the pole hood :)

  5. Nice one, dont suppose you have a point of contact for montrai in the uk do u? im having trouble tracking down anywhere that stocks any sort of montrail shoe or boot in my size and i quite fancied trying some mids for the summer.

    found one place that sold the insoles though which was a bonus so i ordered some more for my trainers!

  6. How did you get on wi’ the Ruggeds? I wore mine at the w/e and was absolutely fine with the vents open.

  7. Cheers swul!

    matt, I have a knot tying disability, that’s just taunting me!

    Andy, they stood at the crossroads with Robert Johnson and sold their souls for a superior warmth to weight ratio!
    It’s a comment on how I was originally very surprised at how warm their bags were.

    Moggy, Beta Climbing are the UK contact, but I deal with the parent company Columbia’s press office of France!

    Kev, the Ruggeds were good, I was only warm when I stopped, leh vents are king!

    coops, good call. Outdoor Warehouse in Bowness is another good bet,

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