Kit footnote, addendum maybe?

Joycee wore a sample Haglöfs Actives Q Tee, which was well recieved: “Not sweaty” came the review. She carried the OMM Adventure Light 20 and had no trouble reaching the bottle pockets, even with arms a foot shorter than mine. Old-school wummins Montane Terra’s were already trusted and four-year-old Keen Targhees were stretched a little, and actually started to come apart a mile from the motor. No disappointment though, they’ve had their arse kicked.
I never had anything new except the socks, secret merino socks that might come to the UK next year if a deal is done. Looking good, both summer and winter weights, I’ll have reviews ready if they appear.
That Craft polo shirt is great for summer (I must track down a merino polo…), the Evernew Solo set is my best pal and feeling water seep through my Montrail Streaks and cool my toes is a joy. Hey, I just found a summer positive.

11 thoughts on “Kit footnote, addendum maybe?”

  1. Yeah, Haglofs Intense long-sleeved zip is currently my favourite base-layer. Lovely piece of kit, and fab details, like the budgie green trimming :-)
    Had to ditch Keen footwear though – were contributing to my ankle problem. Very sad, as the Targhee mids were like walking in slippers :-(

  2. The OMM 20ltr – a nice bit of kit then I assume? I’m in need of a little daysack with usable bottle pockets as I’ve just sent my Terra Nova Elite 20l back to them… the ink on the back panal has ran, leaving black marks on both a Haglofs and an Arcteryx t-shirt. Still waiting to hear back from them as regards to the whys and wherefores and what exactly they are going to do about it BUT…

    whilst the sack was really light, the closure at the top was a faff and the bottle holders on the side were/are utterly unusable on the move. I need them to be like those on the Villian to be honest and the Terra Nova falls well short there, so your comments about both you and your good lady being able to use them have sparked a twinkle in my eye! I see it’s supposed to have MSC – is this anything like the one on The Villian?

    Cheers Pete

  3. Bummer Kate, Keens have the wide toe box that make my feet glad.
    Jimmy (aged 71) has just wore through the soles in his Targhees, “Have you got any more?” came the question.

    Chewy, that’s interesting about the Terra Nova pack, hadn’t heard of this before. Keep me posted.
    Now, the bottle holders on the OMM are quite narrow, great for my slim Klean Kanteen 800ml and some plastics, the 750 Camelbak will go in as well. They’re angled a bit, towards the direction of travel, this makes them more secure and easier to use I think.
    The MSC here is just a mesh compression patch, same shape, same attachment points, but no pocket. Good for stuffing wet weaterproofs behind.
    It’s a great wee pack, but in the lighter “race” fabrics, so it won’t last like a dyneema pack will.

    I wore the same polo shirt on the last two wee trips, and found that the OMM pack was much comfier on the shoulders than the Macpac Amp because of the seams on the polo which aren’t offset. Won’t be wearing the pole with an overnight pack.

  4. Funny how just the seams on a shirt can totally alter the comfort of a walk but I guess that’s were good designers earn their monies. I think the MSC is fab, lovely clean lines on the sack but an option the add easily, I stick the Laser Comp down mine.
    I think you’ve made up my mind about the OMM then, so as soon as I’m back from Iran, I’ll get ordering one. Funds are a bit tight for shinies now, just had to buy a Whisperlite stove and picked up a new tent yesterday for the trip. Blacks were having a genuine ‘clear the loft out’ sale and I came across a Mountain Hardwear Hammerhead 2 for just 70 notes, never seen the light of day in the 6 years they’ve rented the building! The stuff sack was filthy. It seems pretty strong, obviously well made and means we carry 1.5k each to have a porch and door of our own. All the spendinghowever means I’ve gotta give the Minimus vest a miss again this time round but I’ll get it one day! Roll on the next sale haha

  5. I had to read that three times to spot the typo. Having seen the way I mangle the English language on here with metronomic regularity it’s hardly surprsing though.

    Here, that tent was a Win.

  6. If a Scot cannae mangle the Queen’s English… who can?! I like to see accents written as they are spoken, there’s not enough of it about IMO. Reminds me of my childhood when I raed some phrases on here from time to time.
    I just get frustrated with my own bad english thse days, never used to be like this till I had five ops in 3 weeks under a general and it left my brain slightly dyslexic. Perfect spelling till then.

    Who cares anyway… I have a new tent! As you say, a WIN

  7. Talking of badass, that’s some badass medical treatment right there.

    I remember Overkill, saw them in a club somewhere about a million years ago. I had hair and everything…

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