Kingdom of Mongo

I don’t think I can remember such a cavalcade of colour as we’ve enjoyed this past wee while.
Every evening has been a blazing display of felt tip pen tones drawn onto blue gel paper placed onto an overhead projector with a 1000W bulb in it.
It stops me in my tracks, and on some occasions, in mid sentence.
It’s like living in the 1980 Flash Gordon Movie and I absolutely love it.
Freaks my camera out too.

7 thoughts on “Kingdom of Mongo”

  1. Spring is definitely here. Spent the day working in the garden, shorts, t-shirt and maybe even the tiniest touch of sunburn on my giant baldy pate.

    Awesome colours, we’ve been having some nice day and evenings recently. Is it just me, or has this winter been drier than usual?

  2. Aye, much drier I think.
    I went out on that wet morning we had during the week and pulled my hood back down to feel the rain as it seemed like it had been ages since it had last rained.
    It was quite nice actually.

  3. I thought it was just me. I’m constantly being told to keep my eyes on the road , it has been very nice recently.
    I never noticed these things when I was younger, I’ve no idea why.

  4. I was on my way home from spin on Monday night and the sun kept keeking out of a few slits in the cloudy blueish sky like a nosy neghbour keeking out the blinds. It was spreading rays of pure pink and orange and I tried to hurry on to find a suitable stopping place but by the time I managed to stop the car turn around and park, the orangey pink glow had all but disapeared. I got a fireball type pic on the iPhone and a not too bad couple of snaps on the proper camera but the effect wasn’t the same. It is my mission to find a lovely sunset. Anyway after all that, aye, the skies have been mesmeric the past few weeks.

  5. Pat, there was a time when I would sit and watch the sun go down adn not feel the cold in just a t-shirt, the many years in between where such natural wonders won a “Aye, that’s nice” at best. I’ve gone full circle in many ways, growing up/growing old doesn’t have to mean leaving anything behind, it means that you have the wisdom of the years to understand things better and hopefully make the most of it. I know I’m maybe half way through my life if I’m lucky, and if ever there was a fact to make you stop and enjoy the moment, that’s it.

    Ange, I’ve been trying to get that magic spot on the Erskine Bridge to take the sunset and I’ve missed it every time.
    I’m pretty lucky with my window above. But I’d love to take a bulldozer to that horrible garage I always have in the shots.

    I’m just hoping this lasts for a wee while yet. I’ve got Kintail this week.

  6. I’m forever shouting my missus thru’ to the back of the house to look at the sunrise, or the front to catch a sunset. Or I’ll come in wi’ the dugs and get her ootside to look at the moon or the night sky.

    Sometimes you need to look out or up rather than always looking in.

    Crivvens that sounds awfy deep for a Sunday morning :o)

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