Keen Targhee Mids

Ah bugger, I didn’t mean to make these into a memento.

I came home from the WHW, took them off and stuck them on the shelf where they stayed until today. They’re still covered in dirt and they show every one of the hundreds of miles they’ve now done. I don’t think I can wear them again, it’ll ruin the ambience they’ve aquired in the past few weeks.

They’re always a talking point the Targhees, “They leak”, “They smell”, “They come apart”. It seems my ones are faulty, being years old, watertight, fresh and healthy, if weather beaten veterans of many campaigns. These are the older versions with the not-as-good sole pattern and Entrant waterproof lining rather than eVent. They’re not a boot, they’re a proper mid. That’s a trail shoe with a high cuff that doesn’t screw with your ankle movement. They’re as comfortable as old slippers and I love them.

I’ve got eVent ones as well, the new sole pattern is much better but the upper on these oldies feels better on my foot. I’m willing to accept that’s just me being sentimental and not willing to accept change. Even I have my limits in finding unending joy at new stuff.

Actually the new Voyaguer Mids I’ve got on test feel more like these than the eVent Targhees. Intersetting indeed.

2 thoughts on “Keen Targhee Mids”

  1. I love mine. They are the dogs! WHW this Saturday 54miles/24hrs and mostly in these babies, with a montrail continental divide tactical sub for the flat bits. :-)

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