Keen Pyrenees

The new Keen Pyrenees looks a bit different doesn’t it? Think of Keen and you think of the big toe bumper, sculpted layers of leather and fabric, lines of stitching and fancy styling. What we have here is a very understated looking, all-leather, mid-height walking boot.

The sole unit is the same as the current Targhee, but the upper is all-new. The leather has minimal stitching, is soft and flexible and is backed by a Keen-Dri waterproof membrane. The ankle cuff (and footbed!) are lined with a material which feels like calf leather, the cuff has a large padded area and a rear notch for keeping your achilles tendon free from pressure, so they’re thinking ankle bone protection and keeping the water out rather than that old favourite “support”. The lacing fittings are all beefy, and you know it all adds up the the Pyrenees feeling very familiar, British even.

Have Keen tried to address some of the criticisms leveled at them from over here regarding the uppers on the being vulnerable and the waterproofness being fragile? It does look like it.
These will be going into use when the snow recedes a bit, the fit’s good, they should be plenty tough for the hills and they’re also bendy enough to drive in.
More in a wee while.

2 thoughts on “Keen Pyrenees”

  1. now, I do like the look of those, very retro, remind me of my old Moac trekkers, which still do a turn.

  2. Here, there’s a brand I haven’t seen for a while.
    ome in
    I like these Pyrenees, I like the “hidden ruggedness”, Footwear you can drive in, walk about the hills, and then drive home with an hour-long food stop on the way, that has to be a good thing.

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