Keen Growlers and Sigg Surprise

I’ve really taken to these Keen Growlers. They grip so much better than Targhee’s, so the “winter Targhee” ambiance they give off is misleading. They’re flexible, comfortable, warm with the Primaloft lining and are a great match to both the aluminium and steel Kahtoola crampons. The ankle height is high enough to match the Haglofs Omni II or Patagonia Backcountry Guide softshell pants that I wear in winter, so I don’t need a separate gaiter to keep out the snow and bog. Indeed, the Growlers have a small metal D-ring at the bottom of the laces to attach the internal gaiters of such pants. That’s just being a smartarse that is.
If I’m going much steeper and for longer than on Sunday, I probably would wear a stiffer boot with longer spiked crampons as wearing this flexible combo would get tiring over time on consistently steep snow. But for an average winter Munro day, these kick ass.

The Sigg oval was in my pack bottle pocket yesterday, and joy of joys, praise be, it’s a revelation.
Bobinson had to screw the lid off of his Camelbak bottle as the the bite valve and straw had frozen solid, and the bottle contents were somewhat icy.
But, this pre-war accessory I took stayed relatively ice free and easy to access. The shape also means I didn’t have to tilt my head right back to drink from it. Sorted, that’s what I’m carrying for the rest of winter.

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  1. Nalgene do a Tritan plastic flat bottle, I’m going to see if they’re in the UK.
    It was a joy drinking out the bottle and the neprene meant that lip didn’t freeze onto the metal either.
    The hardest thing the Swiss army ever had to fight was indigestion, but at least it gave them the chance to get some good kit sorted out.

  2. I gave up on platys years ago and I’ve got an un-used Camelbak sitting in the gear pile. I’m really not into this “drinking on the go” crap. If I’m thirsty I’ll stop, get the Sigg out, drink and have a look around.

    Anyways, a Black Sigg Oval’s way cooler lookin’ than a plastic bag filled wi’ water.

  3. Even on the mountain bike I’ve stopped using bladders.
    It’s such a pain in the arse to keep cleam as well.

    I just love the oval bottle :o)

  4. Aye, that’s where the Source folding bottle I got will be good, no hose or that, just the bottle with a cap.
    In summer I’ve carried 3 litres on high camps at times. Having snow to melt makes life a lot easier.

  5. “I gave up on platys years ago”

    Just to contradict myself slightly, that should read; “I gave drinking from platys years ago”. I still use 1 & 2 ltr varieties as water carriers. For cooking & such like.

    Carry on.


  6. I like my Source wide-mouth – it’s relatively easy to clean and I like drinking on the go. Only downside is that the mouth-piece is really hard to squish through the little hole on the (non-waterproof) Lightwave Fastpack.

  7. I bought a sigg oval awhile ago, it’s olive green and looks bronze in electric bulb light, i got it ‘cos it looked pretty, not used it yet it just sits on the mantlepiece looking cool :/

  8. I quite like the look of those Keen Growlers, Pete. Do you know if they are available yet in the UK? Online I can only find references to US based outlets. cheers

  9. I’m not sure what the score is, Keen’s UK distibution changed after I got these. I know they’re still in the range because I got the workbook in.
    Ellis Brigham stocked the Blackcombs which are pretty similar.

    It’s so frustrtating that we can’t get the good stuff in the UK.

    If you really fancy a gamble on an internet purchase, the fit of the Growlers is similar to the Targhee Mids which are earier found here, but the volume is a little larger so you can get a thick sock on.
    But, it’s a hell of a chance because they’re no’ cheap!

  10. My running bottle has now got a crack in the lid which got me thinking about bottles and bladders. I’m gonna try dropping the bladder for a wee while as it is much easier to get ready for a run with jus a bottle.

    (I’ll admit to leaving my bladder to get foosty every now and then)

    Any idea when the OMM bottle with the hand holder is out? so I can replace my leaky Ultimate direction one and it’ll fit nicely in my pack pockets.

  11. The hand holder is due at the end of this month. It’s completely different from my prototypes, so I’ll be interested to see them.
    In the mean time, the ones from MLD that attach to your shoulder straps are pretty decent.

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