I don’t believe in any of that stuff when it comes down to it. Science and dinosaurs, that’s me.
Blacks cats? I’ll chase them under a ladder no problem.
Maybe it’s just natural that good times and bad times seem like speed bumps on the slightly worn but usuable road of life.
Coincidence is a good one, luck maybe? It’s abstract enough to apply unversally without offending or brainwashing anyone.
I’m telling you though, it still felt like karma.

20 thoughts on “Karma”

  1. Here, I had that Photon in some interesting wind at 0600 this morning. It was fine though, if a little rattly.
    That photie above was at 0200 just as the cloud was starting to diffuse the moonlight. I nearly wasn’t there, I was still fixing boilers at lunchtime!

  2. Aye, you’ve just confirmed my thoughts… we need more bright colours on the hills. That green is awesome against the snowy backdrop. Aaaah…big sigh.. :o)

    [ It looks like the man in the moon has bent down and taken a bite out of a huge apple! ]

  3. The green is much nicer with a light inside!
    It’s awfy dull during that day.
    I think the man in the moon was actually after tha bag of Revels I took.

  4. Revels. There seems to be a love/hate relationship with certain flavours. The coffee ones are often singled out for abuse. Me? I like them all.

    Beautiful photo ptc*.

  5. Ange, no counters though!

    Vorlich, after I went back to bed I put my head right inside the sleeping bag, it was the only way.
    The Photon fabric is so thin it blocks no light at all.

    Martin, you’re very kind. I do feel kinda lucky after a big gap in my camping trips to go out and get an evening like that.

    I’m falling asleep here, I think the story will be up tomorrow…

  6. Ah the Counters. So are you starting the campaign to bring them back or shall I? :o)
    Anyway, all this talk of sweet things is doing nothing for my constant toothache. I’ve the first of two root treatment appointments at the dentist on Friday – ouch!

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