23 thoughts on “Just Say No”

  1. Ha, I’ve never taken so many photos, I keep thinking it won’t last.Even the sunset through the mist tonight was gorgeous.
    Charge those batteries and stick that camera out the window.
    It won’t last you know. :)

  2. Is that lurgy contagious via a pc as i have got it today. Which is a bastard as i have enjoyed sledging on my orange survival bag stuffed with pillows. You never grow out of it, well at least that is what i keep telling my 10 year old godson.

  3. I’ve been coughing so much I’ve slept on the couch so I don’t wake the girls up and that’s put by back out again…

    Bobinson, Sunday unlikely. Comms tomorrow.

    This weather will last, it’s got its claws in deep!

  4. I’m sure normal service will be resumed soon. Every time I get a lurgy this one person at work yells “Echinacea!” at me, which in itself sounds a lot like a sneeze.

  5. Hope the lergy is improving.

    We are contemplating going up Glen Nevis tomorrow as I really fancy seeing the frozen Steall Falls. Suspect there wont be too many times in my life that I’ll get to see it

  6. Well i thought i would just take the car out seeing as it has sat their for 10 days frozen solid. I knew it was a bad move started fine but the clutch cable snapped when the pedal was pressed. F’ing cars got lurgy as well. Going nowhere fast now both in body and vehicle.

  7. Hurrah, just got out to mountains for the first time since swine flu laid us both low on Christmas Eve :)

    Only made it half way up Glyder Fach, but I haven’t seen Snowdonia looking so wintery since I started with the winter mountains in the early 80s, and it was just great to get out again.

    Mind, constant postholing with regular thigh-deep and occasional hip-deep plunges did remind me why I’ve spent the last decade and a half doing most of my winter excursions on skis!! :))

  8. Just catching up (been doing filial duty this weekend); saw this photo and am not panicked – do you not have snow in Scotland at the moment?! I’m coming up on Thursday to do some snowy Fannichs, but if the hills are all like this, I’m staying in the snow-bound Brecon Beacons!

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