Just like Dad

Perhaps a Flying V is an odd birthday present for a one year old girl, but not my girl.
It’ll be arms out and legs kicking with excitment when Holly sees this. She loves plucking the strings one at a time while I hold a chord. And none of your plinky plonky nonsense, she wants overdrive on there.

The white is an important feature as well. 80’s metal is where she’s at, and Accept are her favourite.
Anyway, it’s going in the cupboard ’til her birthday, so don’t say anything.

7 thoughts on “Just like Dad”

  1. The Bare Naked Ladies Album ‘Snacktime’ is for kids and our boy loves it, good thing is it’s good for adults too! Highly recommended for when she’s a bit older.

  2. The Singing Kettle crew are very good live but not really comparable to German metal. Some good riffs in there tho’.

    A metal version of the “Bananas are the best” song. That I’d like to hear. :o)

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