Just in case…(Montane Cold ’08 Workbook)

That there is page 53 of Montane’s Cold ’08 Workbook.

Top right it says “Unknown runner on the Carn Mor Dearg Arete, Scotland”.

Luckily I can fill in the blanks. The Unknown runner is Craig Zielinski, the photographer is me.

This was taken in June last year (in snow, I know…) when we were route proving in advance of the Adventure Racing World Championship* based around Lochaber. We ran parts of the route so it could be confirmed and go on the race maps. Folk went lots of interesting place doing this (mainly Gary Tompsett), then putting out the checkpoints and taking them back in. But the teams had to do it all. There were tears I’ll tell you.

Those familiar with the CMD Arete will notice we’re heading East, going anti clockwise. It’s a good way to do it, no ascent to Nevis over the boulder field at the end. It was a great day out, with a very unusual route up Nevis from Achriabach in glorious sunshine. Here’s the original shot and one from earlier in the day.


Byt the way, Montane has some nice things in there for this winter…

*That’s a rubbish link, the official site’s down

7 thoughts on “Just in case…(Montane Cold ’08 Workbook)”

  1. Running for me is hard as I shoved my ankle out of its socket and through the foot a few years back, hurts still. I’m envious, saying that running up a mountain for me would be slow as I would stop to look at the views all the time(coming last no doubt).

  2. I’m no great shakes as a runner, but I do try. Rarely uphill though.
    The best thing is having very little kit on you, if any at all.

    Here, that ankle thing sounds properly painful.

  3. Yea it hurt, I was messing about at my friends weeding swinging on a rope, next my ankle bone was in plane sight and my foot was the wrong way it should have been…Ibuprofen does the trick on the hills these days.

  4. jeez, that puts my little torn ankle muscle/tendon into perspective! I was just having a little jog over my local heath thinking it’d help my walking fitness. Now i can’t walk. Ahh the irony.

  5. shuttleworth, it’s Montane’s trade catalogue. It lists all the kit for this winter. Montane do “Hot” and “Cold” instead of Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter like most folk.

    And you guys are putting that patch of dry skin on my foot squarely in the shade.

  6. Cheers, and I agree on the foot injury envy, that’s why I kept quiet about my Plantar Fasciitis!

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