Julbo Contest Review

I got these in for test last autumn, and I think they’ve been on almost very trip I’ve done, be it at home or up north.
The reason for that is that they’re magic.

The Contest models have a few different specs, but these pre-production versions have the Zebra photochromatic lenses which go from Category 2 to 4, which in the real world just seems to mean that they’ve always been “just right”.
The lenses are big, which means superb clear vision, and they can afford good ventilation at the edges without light bleeding into your eyes. There’s good protection from wind, snow and gravel fired up from mtb tyres as well.
The frames are chunky, but silky-soft and well-shaped, I’ve worn these for hours on end and have had no problesm with the bridge of my nose or my ears, even with a bike helmet. For biking and running they’re very secure on my head, the ribbed grips on the ends of the legs must help there.
They’ve proved tough, some trips they’ve never left my pack, some they’ve been in and out of pockets all day, they’ve been dropped, leaned-on in the tent and they’re still looking good. The big rounded shape when folded is bulky to pack, and does make them vulnerable to crushing, so it’s lucky they are tough, but at 38g you really don’t know you’re carrying them.

The Contest’s are a well-crafted bit of kit, your eyes are precious, so we should afford them the same protection and care as we do our feet when deciding on footwear. Like footwear, fit will be a factor with the Contests, I’ve got a big napper and they’re perfect for me, but if you’ve got a head like a pea, you’ll look like Elton John from the 70’s.
Bottom line? Great kit and recommended.

Product Information

  • UK Price: £85
  • Weight: 38g
  • Made in: France
  • Materials: Fancy Plastics
  • Options: Frame colours and changeable lenses

13 thoughts on “Julbo Contest Review”

  1. I’ve had a pair of Julbo Trails for a year or so now and they are magic. Simarly they go everywhere, mtb, winter climbing, anything outdoors, very light, tougher than they look and a glue like fit. You can stick yer Oakleys….

  2. Aye, Oakley don’t make a pair big enough for my face anyway…

    I’ve been dead impressed by the Contests, one of those rare items that I’ll buy another if I break them.

  3. Well I like my Oakley’s cos they’re the only ones that do genuine prescription lenses. And since i can’t get contact lenses in, for me this is the only option. I mean I could get another pair of say.. Julbo but i’d have to sacrifice and get a pair of bog standard options-own tinted lenses and there’d be no point to that.
    (I don’t think Julbo do their own prescription lenses do they?)

    Plus i’ve got a wee head so Oakley’s fit me fine. :o)

  4. Everything is perfect for someone :o)

    There’s no mention of prescription lenses of any of the bumff. I wonder how many folk do it? There’s a market there waiting to be tapped if you can make it viable.

  5. There is.
    I hunted for ages to find any sunglasses with prescription lenses and not just the standard ones. Found this company on the internet, RX Sports, who were kind enough to send me 4 pairs of brand new Oakley’s to try on for size/fit/style etc. Decided on a pair, sent them all back and i had my new Oakley prescription sunglasses within a week. Service was ace!
    Would like more choice of brands to be doing it though.

  6. Proper prescription lenses can cost a fortune, so i got a pair of cocoons that go over my normal glasses and are about CAT2 equivalent. For £30 they are great and i like the flexibility of them for driving etc. But as you mentioned pea heads, which i have, its hard to stop looking like a zoomed into fly.

  7. Wierd Pete posted after everyone else on 2 Jun at 12.35pm and ended up top of the post list, site bug?

  8. Aye, that was strange. I’ve manually moved the times of the posts, but the blog internal is right.
    I shall monitor this…

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