Joy to the World *Subject to status, terms and conditions apply.

Joycee made a sculpture (for she is an artist) for my birthday, 43 on the 23rd, nothing worth announcing at the time. It’s not quite finished apparently but I love it just the same, it’s me and Holly on an adventure.

Now it’s Christmas and it’s something of a relief; family, food, Holly’s craziness and a break from everything else. I know lots of folk feel Christmas is a rollercoaster of stress racing towards the credit card statement of the apocalypse, but this year a deliberate step sideways out of the queue for rollercoaster tickets sees Christmas as an oasis of sorts, not a free one, but a reasonable one where you can enjoy the palm trees without thinking of the cost every time you bite a coconut.
Okay, I’m even losing myself in a darkened allegorical alley with this one.

Whatever, times is hard and we need each other more than stuff, I hope Christmas is an escape, a rest and a joy for all of us. Merry Christmas people.

3 thoughts on “Joy to the World *Subject to status, terms and conditions apply.”

  1. … and a happy birthday too chap! I’ll say happy new year to you and your’s now as well… away off to the mountains shortly. Hope you have a cracking year ahead!


  2. Hope you had a good birthday and xmas pal, i’ve been like spiderman with no wrists lately, webless. Should be sorted now though, hopefully, the wonders of technology eh.

  3. Joy in abundance upon you both!

    Currently enjoying some down time here, doing some stuff, not doing other stuff trying to get some energy in the bag for the new year.

    It’s kinda nice.

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