Jimmy speaks

It’s so easy to focus on speed and distance, shedding weight and getting your hands on gucci kit. Here’s a nice point of view from elsewhere. Don’t get the wrong impression, he might be 68, but the boy is ‘kin nails.

Just logging on to keep up with all the sensible people. As I’m now 68
and almost too late to realize the value of proper exercise, it seems to
me that as you get older your muscles start to lose flexiblity and
range of movement so gradually that you don’t notice. I was forunate
enough to break my upper right arm just before xmas. Fortunate? Yes, because
the physiotherapy involved showed up my decreased movements overall and
I have started to exercise daily to my better wellbeing. So go slowly
& build up your strength, everyone has limitations keep within them if
you enjoy the exercise and feel better. After all you are possibly increasing
your lifespan.


2 thoughts on “Jimmy speaks”

  1. Ahhh,

    Wise words from Mr. Jimmy! I’ll have to discuss your exercise regime at length soon. Good lad.

    Perhaps we need a Jimmy World Blog?

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