Jetboil CrunchIt

Now, here’s a gallus wee widget, the Jetboil CrunchIt.

I love gas canister stoves, simple, reliable, fast, clean, light, look like miniature space stations etc, but the empty cans are a real problem, something that weighs on my mind in fact.
So Jetboil have brought out the CrunchIt, a tool for making your canisters safely recycleable. Safely is the important word there, anyone can hammer a screwdriver through a gas canister to let the gas out, but the CrunchIt does it with a little control brought into the action.
There’s a threaded cylinder like the base of a stove that you screw onto the can, inside the cylinder is a prong that pushes the valve on the can right inside to let any remaining gas out. Once you’ve done that you just lean on the handle to puncture the can with the big tooth on the underside. It works perfectly. All done outside of course, but we knew that.

If feels durable, it is a bit tricky to fit at first as you have to hold it dead straight, after the first time it’s a cinch. After a backpack you can puncture your almost empty cans for homeward travel for recycling or proper local disposal, most places have recycling spots now. Mind you, checking the local regulations might be an idea, sometimes pressurised containers have to have a side or an end removed to be processed.

I think it’s a good idea as it’s a safe way for most folk, even if unfamiliar with tools, of dealing with a real issue. It’s in the shops now for a fiver.

PS/Edit: It doubles as a bottle opener too. My mini Irn Bru’s are screw tops, but some folk will find it useful no doubt.

13 thoughts on “Jetboil CrunchIt”

  1. I’m glad someone has finally addressed this issue. Neat design. We should all be using one.

    Will it open a beer bottle too? You know, in the spirit of ‘dual-use’ and all that ;)

  2. I got one of these a couple of weeks ago :)
    …. but haven’t had an empty canister to test it on yet.

    While I was at it I finally succumbed to my curiosity to try out a Jetboil (never quite convinced by the originals), and bought a new Sol.

  3. I’ve got over a decades worth of (mostly) empty canisters in a box out in the shed. With a solution at hand, my Mrs will be pleased :o)

  4. We are lucky in that our local recyling centre takes gas cannister back without having to puncture them. I guess however that most do not, so this is a useful tool. Saw this the other day on the ultralightoutdoorgear website.

  5. Thinkerer, it’s just a safer version of that :o)

    By the way, it is a bottle opener as well, I’ll just go an edit the text.

    Matt, the Sol’s nice, you’ll get the Sumo to match it, wait and see :o)

    Nice to see we all kinda like the idea of this.

  6. Umm….. I already did!

    Sol Ti and Sumo, looks like a handy kit for two, and also for winter with snowmelting capacity. Found some pretty keen prices for both items too :)

    I hope I’ll be pleased. If not I’m sure I can sell it on and revert to more traditional options.

  7. Ah, good lad, I think it looks like a neat setup. And, between you and me it’s Jetboil watching what GSI are doing with all their modular cookwear and running with the concept.

  8. I could be tempted to a Jetboil now the pot stand comes as standard. However, I am rather liking the GSI stuff just now as well.

    I’ll stick with Pocket Rocket while I think about it…

  9. I’ve just washed my Jetboil Flash so it’s reday for action, it’s like meeting an old friend. A friend I’ll be spending the night with tonight too :o)

  10. Got me one of those CrunchIt widgets a while ago, works well at bleeding and holing gas-tinnies. Took me exactly three goes to accidentally crunch the plastic spike-protection thing which got in the way at the critical moment.

    As for Jetboil’s “Clips onto carabiner or key ring for convenience” claim, well that’s a moot point, I’ve yet to find a carabiner that fits onto this gadget, and when it’s on my key-ring it snags and tangles its neighbours. Would be better with a GBFO lanyard-hole right where the recycle logo is.

    The bottle-opener’s crap, more gimmick than function, and snags on anything meshy. I’ll be filing it off ASAP.

    On the plus side, it’s orange so it must be worth that fiver :-)

  11. Aye, just broke my bit of off plastic too.
    Definitely a stay-at-home thing, too many edges to catch on stuff like you say.

    Orange? Hadn’t noticed :o)

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