I’ve just found # on the laptop

They just never saw it coming did they?

Legislation and regulations are always formed in reaction to something. These people are never clever enough to see what’s coming. Or, they do see and are fingering their purses thinkng “Hmm, not today”.
So, it’s with mixed emotions that I’ve been fielding calls from near and far by people reporting water dripping from their boilers. And you what it is? Condensing boilers with their condense drains freezing up, the water backing up, filling the boiler and running out through the screw-holes or whatever.
I know that most of these installations have been fitted to regulation standard or beyond, so I fully expect a reaction to this from “The Powers That Cost Us Money” that will mean more retraining and cost to the industry, ie me and others like me, and also from the manufacturers who will have some quick fixes and arse covering because, they know exactly what could happen and were banking on us never having such protracted low temperatures again. Well, not in the guarantee period anyway.
Wouldn’t it be better to devise practices that exceed the limited view of having to operate within “normal parameters”. Why can’t we use the information at hand (-25°C at Braemar 15 years ago) and get it right the first time?

Still, as inconvenient as some aspect of the current situation may be, the daily light-show out of the living room window is soothing my housebound mind.
Tomorrow regardless, I’m back at work. I’ve got a meeting with one of my favourite customers to look at pipes that look pre-war and may contain water, gas, or nothing at all… That’s the kind of thing that I like.

17 thoughts on “I’ve just found # on the laptop”

  1. At least you have a nice view !
    Give a shout when you cheered up and healthy again !
    I am back at work this week but can get away any time ;>

  2. Oh the joys of new fangled ways of living. I wouldn’t have had any problems if I’d had a coal fire ;-)

    I’m patiently waiting for the joiner to come uncover the offending condenser pipes which are causing my leak THEN the heating engineer will come back and repair, so not so simple as blocked with ice. Hey ho

    I did however have a crackin wee day trip up to Steall Falls. Will hopefully get round to putting it onto the blog today

  3. A good article in the Mail on Sunday regarding certain scientists commenting on the possibility of 30 years of global cooling. So the future could be thongs and crampons depending on who you believe.

  4. Ooh, I’ll be 71 by then.

    The heat-wave will come just as I hang up my 69g Terra Nova Laser Ghost Helium Cloud Elite and retire from the outdoors.

  5. Aye, that’s exactly the way I’ve been going, 1 1/2 a lot of times in fact.
    The one exception was a gravel-pit soakaway that’s been trouble free!

  6. Global Warming = Carbon Tax = World Government

    It’s a scam they predict a bbq summer, a mild winter. They get a seasonal forecast wrong, yet claim to predict accurately long term global warming.

    Blame C02, which is exhaled by us all, yes they finally found a way on taxing breathing!

    Sorry! :o)

  7. Wouldn’t put it past em as everything else is taxed. Turns out the met office is just the governments global warming department now eh.

  8. Al Gore is the first Carbon billionaire, refuses to enter any debate on the subject.

    Please remove the Personal Breathing Meters, if his google stumbles on that phrase we’ll all be fitted up ;o)

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