I’ve had an idea…

Well, not really, but the photie below (also rediscoverd the other day) just looks like it’s missing a lightbulb above my head with a thought bubble saying “Drink this cuppa, it’s getting cold”. Hopefully a sentiment I’ll be echoing shortly as I’m heading north with tent and stuff. It’s somewhere good too and I’m really looking forward to it, I’ve had something of a wee spark in enthusiasm of late and I hope I’ve got the energy to match it.
Now, where can I get Mountain House macaroni cheese between here and Applecross?

3 thoughts on “I’ve had an idea…”

  1. Ach, you can’t go wrong in that neck of the woods. I have very fond memories of the Applecross Inn after a couple of days of sun-baked hills.
    Happy trails fella, I’ll look forward to the report.

  2. I never got to try that macaroni cheese… is it going on sale? Cos, everyone was mightily positive.

  3. I can’t find it anywhere, dammit. But, I did have Trek’n Eat’s venison stew last night which was awesome, but I think it retails at £8 or something.

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